Denying the War on Christmas

Bill Donohue takes issue with those who deny the War on Christmas: An editorial in the Duluth News Tribune questions, “There’s Still a ‘War on Christmas’?” Atheist Jeff Sorensen flatly declares in Huffington Post that “There is no war on Christmas.” Statesman Journal columnist Dick Hughes writes a piece about the “phony and irrelevant War on Christmas.” MSNBC madman Lawrence O’Donnell says the War on Christmas has a “body count” of “zero.” Frank Bruni of the New York Times says there could hardly be a War on Christmas given that “We have God on our dollars, God in our pledge of allegiance, God in our Congress.” The Boston Globe editorializes that “Ignoring the ‘war on Christmas’ is the best way to eliminate it altogether.” Continue reading

“Angry Atheists” War on Christmas

Bill Donohue released the following comments today: One of the most famous atheists in American history, Paul Kurtz, died last month at age 86. While not religion-friendly, he was by no means a hater. Indeed, he hated what he called “angry atheists,” the kind we see with increasing frequency these days. Continue reading