The Rich Elite and Abortion

The Rich Elite and Abortion   By Larry Plachno

In recent months we have seen authors and researchers mention a group Larry-150x1 bluesometimes known as the Rich Elite and how they influence our legislation, our thinking and our actions. However, very little has been written on how the Rich Elite impact marriage and abortion. Let me take a few minutes to explain how this group impacts our thinking and our lives.

The Rich Elite are not normally political leaders. They work in the background to influence legislation, influence our thinking and make money for themselves. The mainstream media is their stage but they work backstage to put on the show that you see. Their primary goal is to make more money for themselves, often at the expense of others.

The Rich Elite are apolitical and amoral. Voters file into a stadium to see the Democrat Team play the Republican Team. But the Rich Elite leave early with the ticket receipts and don’t care who wins. Murder, including abortion, does not stop them if money is to be made. It is impossible to determine how many people fit into this group since most of them are not public figures. While there are sex islands and various organizations, there is no one organization to which they belong.

Julan Assange from WikiLeaks has mentioned that it is this group that he works against. By making inside information public, he slows down the Rich Elite by making them think about where their communications are safe and where they are not. Continue reading

Guns, Abortion, Good and Evil

Guns, Abortion, Good and Evil

ProLifeCorner-   By Larry Plachno

Larry-150x1 blue      Guns have certainly been in the news lately. It seems like some type of violence connected to guns shows up every few days. My sympathies go out to all of the victims of this type of violence. If we all supported life from conception to grave we could eliminate much of this.

There are too many people who blame guns instead of the person holding the gun. The reason why our society is falling apart is because we have moved away from evaluating our actions and decisions as good and evil. People blame guns because they do not want to blame the shooter. Blaming the person holding the gun would admit that good and evil exist and that people should be responsible. And, if good and evil exist, then where do abortion, traditional marriage and supporting families stand in regard to good and evil? Continue reading

New Author To Appear On The Prolifecorner

New Author To Appear On The Prolifecorner

ProLifeCorner- Dubuque Iowa-  Frank J. Munda-

Trina 175xWe at the ProLifeCorner have been very blessed in many ways. One of the ways our Lord has blessed us abundantly is by providing to us some wonderful writers. Over the years we have carried the writings of Mark Pickup, Kevin Rilott, Christopher Clukey, and Larry Plachno to name just a few. The purpose of this article is to introduce you to a new writer. Her name is Katrina Hingtgen, Speaker, Author, and Blogger. She and her husband Lonnie reside in Dubuque Iowa. Katrina has been involved in the pro-life movement for many years. She spoke at our parish and she is a gifted speaker.She has been a key member of the Dubuque County Right to Life for many years. She is a practicing Christian now, but in her earlier days she was heavily involved in the New Age religion. She speaks on various subjects such as pro-life, her conversion story and much more. At the end of this article I will provide full contact information, her blog site, etc.. Continue reading

Unless Truth be a Mockery and Justice a Hollow Lie

Unless Truth be a Mockery and Justice a Hollow Lie

ProLifeCorner – 12-15-2015 – by Staff – Our latest cntribution from our friend in Canada, Mark Pickup, is one of his best ever-and that’s saying something!  Mark will be speaking in Washington, DC at St. Matthew the Apostle Cathedral just prior to the 2016 March for Life.

Please take time to read his latest articfle and we think you’ll come away with the same feeling we have; it was a tribute and a Christmas gift of encouragement to all of us who work and pray for an end to abortion and euthanasia.

May God bless Mark and his family with many more years of their courage and wisdom. Continue reading

Parents Move Over Big Brother is Here

Parents Move Over Big Brother is Here – 9-23-2015 – by Annarae-    Is it any wonder our country is headed on the fast track to destruction when 10 and 11 year old girls are being given birth control devices?  And without their parents’ permission on top of it!  Who will pay the medical bills when the child becomes ill from the birth control?  Her parents!  And who will pay for the physical and mental complications of an abortion if the birth control fails, which is common?  Again, her parents!  Who will be responsible for the psychological problems that undoubtedly will result when a very young girl is having sex with older men who will take complete advantage of her youth and naiveté?  Of course the bills and the resulting pain of seeing their daughter destroyed before their eyes will fall once again on the unsuspecting parents.  The people responsible for this travesty of common sense is the school system and our government, through Medicaid.  This means we taxpayers, against our will and better judgment, end up paying for this horror. Continue reading

Planned Parenthood spent $5 million for Dems

Planned Parenthood spent $5 million for Dems, $13k for GOP | Washington Examiner – 9-14-2015 – by Staff – We should all know by now that Planned Parenthood is receiving over $500,000,000 taxpayer dollars from the Federal Government. Ever wonder why politicians are so anxious to support an organization that murders the unborn and then sells their body parts for profit? Maybe the article below will help explain this. Just remember, follow the money trail. It always tells the story.

As Congress heads into a debate over whether to continue funds to Planned Parenthood, a Washington Examiner analysis shows that Planned Parenthood and affiliates spent almost $5 million dollars in election ads promoting Democrat lawmakers in 2014. Continue reading

March For Life 2014, Freeport Report – 1-30-2014 – Freeport Il.- Recently we had the privilege of talking with Father Timothy Barr about his experiences at the March for Life in Washington, DC.  One of our staff members, Chris, asked Father some questions about the March and the various events connected with it.  We present it for your enjoyment and in the hope it will inspire you to go to the March for Life next year. Continue reading

Obama Admin Web Site Refers Pregnant Women to Planned Parenthood

( – 10-25-2012 – by Staff – Anyone following Obama’s history for the past four years will see one thing-he has a mantra; abortion, abortion, and more abortions!  He has a fixation on promoting Planned Parenthood and it’s life destroying programs at all costs.  Tied in with that is his attack on our religious freedoms.  His obsession with Planned Parenthood takes precedence over the energy crisis, unemployment ( which, if the books weren’t cooked, would be the highest in recorded history), and he has even demonstrated that promoting Planned Parenthood is more important than defending our embassies and the personnel within.  About the only thing he has not done is hang a big sign on the White House that says “Washington Headquarters Of Planned Parenthood”. Continue reading

Reagan Believed In God, Duty, and Country  By Staff-  If history were told factually and accurately it would be stated that these were four of the greatest American Presidents ever:  Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and Reagan.  Those of us born in the 40’s and 50’s are old enough to remember the eight year presidency of Ronald Reagan. Within this older group of people we see three major types;

One- those who would watch Reagan’s press conferences live, which was the only way to really know what he said.  The second group would listen to the networks who would go immediately to their spin and the networks would say “this is what Reagan meant to say”.  The third group was out doing anything but paying attention to current events and years later accepted most of the media lies. Reagan turned this country around and made it great once again. Sadly, it did not take the left very long to destroy what good he did for America and the rest of the world.

We post this video for our young readers who have not had the opportunity to know what a great president Ronald Reagan really was.  Reagan loved God and country.

This is a rather short video that we all should watch, appreciate  and fully understand its meaning.  It is also one that everyone in this government should be forced to watch several times over……. until they get it!!!   Everyone including Democrats, Republicans, Independents, and  non-politicals can appreciate the message and the connection to God shown in this video.

Nothing else needs to be said- his words stand on their own.