Life’s Agonies And Love’s Triumphs

Life’s Agonies And Love’s Triumphs

ProLifeCorner-   9-25-2017 – We’re sure most of our readers are familiar with the wonderful articles submitted by Mark Pickup.  We’re showing you a special article today with a speech delivered by his wife, LaRee at a prayer breakfast in Baltimore, MD some time ago.  If anyone has had a loved one who has or is still suffering, this will give you strength and courage to continue fighting the battle with that loved one.

The opening paragraph is by Mark and is on his home page most of the time.  We feel it shows the need for all Christians to work and pray together to bring our world back to Jesus.

Following his article is the speech given by LaRee, with comments by Mark.

LaRee and Mark are, indeed, a wonderful example of faith, hope, and love.  May God bless them abundantly for all they do to serve Him. Continue reading


ProLifeCorner- Beaumont, Alberta, Canada –  Our friend Mark Pickup has been inspiring us with his writings for many years.  Mark and his wife LaRee live in Canada and the problems they are facing regarding religious freedom and the murder of the pre-born child through state sponsored abortion and state sponsored euthanasia is as bad if not worse than here in the United States.  He gives an example of the relentless attacks on the rights of Christians to practice their religion, even within the walls of their own schools.  It is time for Christians of good will, priests, pastors, and Bishops to stand up and defend Christ and His church and say “enough is enough they have gone too far.” Let us return to the principles that this country was founded upon  and take the state sponsored religion of Secular Humanism out of our schools, and once again allow us to call upon the protection and the blessings of our God.  Continue reading