Is McNamara coming out of the Pro-Abortion closet?

dead baby 300xIs McNamara coming out of the Pro-Abortion closet? – Rockford Illinois – April 2, 2017 – by The Rockford Pro-life Initiative–  After repeated requests, the Democrat candidate for mayor of Rockford has not responded on his stance on the abortion issue.  Before you cast your vote on April 4, please take time to read the following article:

Tom McNamara is the Democrat candidate for Mayor of Rockford and has not responded to repeated requests for his position on the killing of children by abortion.

Through an inside source we have learned that the radically pro-abortion Barb Giolitto who is the leader of The Winnebago County Citizens For Choice (you can read here: For slaughtering babies)  has come out publicly in support of Tom McNamara and was even working the McNamara phone banks on Saturday April 1st.   Continue reading

Local Pro-Aborts Trying to Regroup

Rockford, Il – ( – 1-20-2013 – by Rockford Pro-Life Initiative – A small contingent of elderly, radical leftists many from the Unitarian Church began to publicly support Rockford’s disgraced abortion mill for about a year before it closed.  During this time the abortion supporters saw the signs filled with bigotry and racism in the windows of the abortion mill. They were also presented with the evidence from official State of Illinois reports that the Rockford mill was not sanitizing its surgical instruments and other disgusting conditions. Continue reading

An Open Letter To The Winnebago County Citizens For Choice Rockford IL.- By Rockford Pro-Life Initiative- Wayne Webster the former owner of the now closed Rockford abortion mill was one of Pro-life Corners most avid readers – he did it to keep tabs on pro-lifers.  Now we learn through a third party that a few members of the Winnebago County Citizens For Choice are coming to the Pro-life Corner web-site on occasion.  We welcome you. Continue reading