Ten Things Abortion Promoters Fear The Most

The Ten Things Rockford’s Abortion Promoters Are Most Afraid Of.
Below are ten things that the people who own, operate, work at, and support the Rockford abortion mill have shown great aversion to.  We can make our pro-life ministry for life and love more effective by understanding what the abortion supporters who mock God and destroy human lives are most afraid of.

10. Ultrasound – Sidewalk counselors have spoken with numerous mothers who wanted to see their ultrasounds while inside Rockford’s abortion mill and were refused.  Combine this with the mill’s vicious lies and attacks on the mobile ultrasound motor home, and it’s very clear those inside the Rockford abortion mill are very afraid of mothers’ seeing their children’s ultrasounds.
9. Women being offered an alternative to abortion – From the abortion mill’s failed attempt to enact a bubble zone to Wayne Webster’s threatening mothers who are speaking to sidewalk counselors over the clinic P.A., we have an abortion clinic that does not want women to ever hear there is an alternative to abortion. 
This mill even goes to such extremes to keep mothers from hearing about alternatives to abortion, that the mill landlord comes charging out of the mill to threaten mothers in person when they ignore him on the P.A. system.  He has even propped up his aged girlfriend in a second floor window to try to silence offers of help to mothers.  The last thing they want is any mother hearing that there is a lot of help available to them. 
8. Prayer – The lengths to which the abortion mill has gone to  disrupt Christians at prayer have plumbed the depth of ignorance and depravity.  The killers of children in Rockford will go to any length to stop Christians from praying for life because they have seen, as we have, that prayer saves lives.
7. Exorcism – When a group of Catholic Priests began prayers of exorcism at Rockford’s abortion mill, the landlord went ballistic. He could not even stand to be inside his mill when the men of God were praying.  Like clockwork the prayers drove him out of the mill, and unbelievably, one time he even came out wearing a devil’s mask.
Abortion has its roots in the demonic – and the demonic is driven out by exorcism.
6. The poor and minorities – From the supporter of the abortion mill who was caught on video in a racist tirade (see link to video below), to the abortion supporters who have told pro-lifers directly that abortion is needed to get rid of ni…. , we have Margret Sanger’s dream come true in Rockford.  It is a place that is in business to rid the world of, as Margret Sanger said aboutblacks, immigrants and indigents, "…human weeds,’ ‘reckless breeders,’ ‘spawning… human beings who never should have been born."
The abortion mill landlord himself is famous for his rubber chickens hanging on nooses.  Nooses are a symbol of the lynching of African-Americans.  And this abortion mill was caught red-handed in its willingness to take money to exterminate Hispanic children.
Margaret Sanger once wrote,"We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population."  Thankfully, the mask has been torn off the Rockford abortion mill and its bigotry and hate.
5. The Truth –  "I didn’t want to look, but I didn’t want to stop looking either. I couldn’t not watch. I was horrified," writes former Planned Parenthood Director Abby Johnson as she witnessed an abortion in the clinic she directed.   The truth that abortion is the murder of a child is clearly seen by any person who is open to the truth.
From an ultrasound to the pictures of children in the womb pro-lifers hold out side the mill, we all know the truth is that a child in the womb is a person.
The abortion mill workers try to hide their eyes from seeing these pictures, but for many it hasn’t worked because we have seen a high turnover of abortion mill workers in the last few years.  Much of this may have to do with the truth they know deep down, that abortion is the murder of a child.

4. 40 Days for Life – When our first 40 Days for Life was held in Rockford two years ago, the mill had a new sign almost daily in its window, mocking prayer and 40 Days for Life.
(See links to 40 Days information and videos pertaining to 40 Days in Rockford below.)
Then the numbers of abortions went down, and the numbers of women choosing life went way up.  The mocking signs suddenly stopped.
At a meeting of the city of Rockford Codes and Regulation Committee, one of the reasons pro-abortion alderman Karen Elyea tried to get a bubble zone around the Rockord’s abortion mill was, in her words, "With 40 Days coming up we have to do something."
3. Children – This abortion mill has banned children in their waiting room–except, of course, for the children whose lives they are going to destroy for money.  The mill landlord consistently complains  about the young pro-lifers who come to pray at the mill.  The presence of young people either inside or outside the mill reminds him that he is in the business of killing the young – and he doesn’t like to be reminded of that.
2. Being reminded of the reality of hell – On numerous occasions, in a spirit of charity, pro-lifers have reminded the abortion mill landlord, the workers, and the abortionist of the reality of eternal separation from God as the natural end for those who murder babies.   Their response is always the same.  They don’t deny the reality of hell but change the subject or try and excuse what they are doing by accusing Christians of being sinners also.
The difference is Christians know they are sinners and repent  while those who are murdering God’s children inside the abortion mill continue to mock God and destroy human life.
1. Jesus Christ – No child-killing center in America or probably the world has attacked the name of Jesus Christ in the ways and for the length of time as has the child-killing business in Rockford IL.  Because they are in the business of killing children, they know they are in direct opposition to God so they respond in an irrational and self-destructive way.
The saddest aspect of all about their attacks on Jesus Christ is that they are rejecting the only One who can bring them light, happiness, or peace.
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