Thank You Bishop Thomas Rodi  The Archdiocese of Mobile Alabama has decided to decline taking a grant to promote Obama Care.  We thank Bishop Thomas J. Rodi and all who are involved in refusing to take money from an anti-life program like Obama Care.

Please keep all Bishops and Priests in your prayers.

4 thoughts on “Thank You Bishop Thomas Rodi

  1. Thank you Archbishop Rodi for refusing the grant, for standing up for Christ and His Church and for restoring faith in what is true, noble and beautiful. Thank you!

  2. I’m a bit perplexed. She says the grant acceptable, then says it can’t be accepted? Do any of these bureaucrats ever get tired of speaking out of both sides of their mouth? Yes, it is good they are declining it, but why did they apply in the first place? Does this have to reach the desk of the bishop before someone thinks through the moral implications? Second, it sounds as if this individual disagrees with the decision. How do you start a statement with obvious contradictions, and give little to support your decision other than of its “complexity”?

    EDITOR: You did a great job in your analysis. We’re just as perplexed as you are. Holy Mother Church truly needs a new Pentecost!

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