Thank You, Dear Bishop And Good Sisters

EDITOR’S NOTE:  The following “letter” is presented in the form of satire in the hope of making the point that a Catholic hospital that allows  known abortionists on the staff is totally ludicrous, hypocritical, scandalous, and shameful at best.

La Crosse WI.-  ( – 5-10-2014 – by Rockford Pro-Life Initiative – To my reasonable Bishop Callahan and Sisters of Perpetual Adoration, Thank you for having Dr. Rose on staff at Franciscan Mayo Hospital. I know some religious extremists call Dr. Rose an abortionist, but we can all admit he is a professional and efficient at preventing the hearts of children in the womb from beating. We have never heard of him botching even one abortion. This kind of efficiency and professionalism is hard to find. A true hallmark of Franciscan Health Care.

I have supported Dr. Rose for many years, and we have worked well together concerning the “choices” many mothers have made. Your Catholic hospital gives us both a wonderful opportunity to share the “good news of choice” with mothers and helps us prevent needless and unwanted children from overcrowding the world. All this with the seal of approval of the Catholic Church that helps any mother who may be considering abortion overcome any moral objections or questions she may have. After all when a doctor in a Catholic hospital says it’s time to terminate your baby, who can argue with that?

My Dear Bishop and good Sisters, even though the law does not require you to promote abortion as you do, I feel it is a very prudent thing for us to continue to tell people it does.

We both know civil law must be obeyed even when it tells us to own a slave or kill Jews in concentration camps. Your wonderful example of faithful obedience to a civil law that you say tells us we have to participate in killing babies is a wonderful example of how Christians must follow all future laws that will come from our secular governments.

No matter the body count, obey that law! If anyone tells us we need to follow the laws of God against killing innocent babies, we can say we are being forced to support abortion and just can’t do anything about it.

I have been told by a few so-called good Catholics in the diocese that Bishop Callahan will put an end to the killing by a Catholic hospital. We can all chuckle at that. We must continue dialogue and evaluation, and never under any circumstances should we ever take any risks or a public stand that might cost us something.

Bishop Callahan, if you have to soothe your conscience (or as we call it save face), just make a public statement of how pro-life you are, and you really don’t like that a Catholic Hospital is helping Dr. Rose crush skulls and stop beating hearts, but your hands are tied.

My one hope is that we can all come out of the closet together and admit our name is the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Abortion, Inc.!

See you soon,

Old Scratch, Prince of this World

7 thoughts on “Thank You, Dear Bishop And Good Sisters

  1. I love your pictures. They do show as you said this situation is totally ludicrous, hypocritical, scandalous, and shameful at best.

  2. “Pilate was merciful till it became risky.”
    ― C.S. Lewis, The Screwtape Letters

    I’m sure this religious order, hospital, and Bishop are very merciful and caring, until it becomes risky.

  3. Dear Editor, I know you say this is a satire but as I read it I could not find anything in it that is not true. What a sad state we have come to.

  4. “The Power of Evil Lives on the Cowardice of Good” These bishops close their eyes to the abuses and ignore all appeals that remind them of their duty to take action against the Church destroyer…….They give the impression that they are afraid of something.

    What are the bishops afraid of?

    They fear being “attacked by the press or the mass media and being labelled as reactionary, narrow-minded, to be medieval different.”

    But the ultimate fear, which would be needed in terms of their own salvation, they do not know: “You fear men more than God.”

  5. So the bishop and Sisters are permitting the murder of babies……

    No wonder a Black Mass will be taking place at Harvard university tonight.

    When our church leaders become part of the culture of death we will have many, many more black Masses. After all can Bishop Callahan or the FSPA say anything in this world is wrong when they themselves enable the murder of babies.

    Thank you prolifecorner for shining the light on this evil.

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