Thank You Mayor Morrissey For Doing What Was Just And Proper.

Rockford, Il – ProLifeCorner – 4 29 2011 – by James – As Democrats On City Council Dither, Rockford Mayor Grants Seven Week Permit. The confused and perplexed Democrats on the Rockford city council, again claiming they can’t figure out the simple issue of a charitable permit, tried to block the mobile ultrasound from coming to Rockford, but Mayor Morrissey has granted a seven week stay of execution for children in Rockford.

On Friday April 29, the ultrasound motor home was back in Rockford because of Mayor Morrissey’s willingness to grant a seven week permit while the Democrat majority on the city council takes more time to figure out if they are willing to grant the mobile ultrasound operators their First Amendment rights.
Some of the aldermen have been claiming the issue is not about abortion, but about issuing a permit.  Sadly, this is another example of politicians trying to have it both ways.   If the issue were simply about a permit and not about abortion then:
1. Why did Alderman Elyea call pro-lifers “terrorists”?  
2. Why did Alderman Elyea lie to the city council and falsely accuse the mobile ultrasound of parking violations?  Why did she go so far as to give the media a picture of the mobile ultrasound and falsely claim it was parked illegally?  The Rockford police department had to set her straight on this issue.
3. When Alderman Elyea’s accusations proved to be false, she and her supporters on the city council then claimed the issue was WHERE the ultrasound parked.  The Rockford Labor News has offered the ultrasound a parking place in front of its business so why have the Democrat Aldermen  changed their story AGAIN and claimed it’s about a permit issue?
4. Why is it that the permit which has been granted to the pro-life mobile ultrasound unit is the ONLY city-issued permit which the Democrats on the city council are challenging?
5. Why did the Democrat majority on the city council have to go into a two-hour, closed- door session concerning the mobile ultrasound?
What are they ashamed of?
What are they hiding?
6. Why has the Democrat majority on the city council been completely silent about the countless signs of bigotry, of racism, and of hatred for God, women, and children displayed in the windows of the Northern Illinois Women’s Center building?
Why are they trying to protect the Center by keeping the ultrasound out of Rockford?
The answer to these questions is clearly that the only issue here is abortion. 
Do you think for one second if it were about a BOOKMOBILE or a BLOODMOBILE that the abortion-supporting members of the city council would have used lies, closed-door sessions, changed stories, and untold hours of city council time to try to block those other worthy endeavors?
Because Rockford is a city that has killed 60,000 of its own children by abortion, the life and death questions of the rights of children in the womb will be at the core of what we do and who we are as a people.
Right now we have eight members of the Rockford city council who are acting as servants of the culture of death.

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