Thank You Pro-Lifers For Being Christ To Others

Rescue those being led away to death; hold back those staggering toward slaughter. Proverbs 24:11

Rockford, Il – ( – 8-18-2014 – by Rockford Pro-Life Initiative – Two recent incidents involving the Rockford pro-life community show the unfathomable graces that come from being actively pro-life.LIVES ARE SAVED

The following is taken from the Pro-Life Action League web-site concerning this years Rockford Face the Truth Tour: “Nearing the conclusion of the 90-minute stint at our first site at the intersection of Riverside Boulevard and Alpine Road, a woman pulled over her car, flagged me down, and said she wanted to thank us for being there.

She said that on one of the occasions when we had visited Rockford years ago, her best friend’s daughter—then a teenager—had seen our abortion victim signs.  When she got pregnant a few years later, she said there was no way she could have an abortion, because having seen our signs years before, she knew how awful abortion was, and she made up her mind that she was not going to let that happen to her baby.”   –

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Seven years ago Dragana was a frightened mother who arrived for her scheduled abortion at the Rockford abortion mill.  Wayne and his pro-abortion supporters were encouraging her to enter the mill and abort her baby.  By the grace of God Dragana saw numerous Christians praying outside the mill and stopped  to speak with the pro-life sidewalk counselors.

With the love and support of Rockford Christians, Dragana chose life and gave birth to a beautiful son.  In the past seven years the Rockford pro-life community has helped her through a number of difficult situations with companionship and financial help.  Sadly, Dragana died this year in an accident in Milwaukee.

Because caring Christians were present the day Dragana was being drawn by the culture of death to kill her son by abortion, Dragana experienced the love of Jesus Christ and chose life.  Her son is alive and well today.

For all eternity Dragana is now a mother who overcame the temptations of Satan, she is a person who placed the needs of her child over her own, she is now and will be for all eternity a person who trusted in Jesus Christ and chose life over death.

Thank you to every person in Rockford who, through prayer or public witness, has allowed themselves to be used by Jesus Christ to save lives and save souls.

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  1. During my many years as a counselor at the Pregnancy Care Center, I has at least 5 clients tell me, when I brought up abortion, that they couldn’t do that. They would say….”have you seen those terrible pictures on the streets?” I would say there are dozens and dozens of children alive today from the years we have been on the streets with the TRUTH.

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