The Choice Is God’s Way Or Man’s Way Bob Whalen is a well-known pro-life advocate in the Rockford area. He has been a faithful prayer warrior for many years at Northern Illinois Women’s Center (NIWC ), Rockford’s now disgraced and closed abortion killing center. It is with great pleasure that we present a letter to the editor here on our pages.

The choice is God’s way, or man’s way.

When the American Negro walked with God, they walked into the halls of   Congress. Then they turned, started walking to the bank and became   African-Americans.

When the labor unions walked with God in the moral struggle against oppression,   they climbed to the greatest standard of living ever achieved, then leaders   like Trumka and Hoffa began openly cavorting with the Communist Party and   corruption raged within.

Democrats once believed to be for the common man, sold their political souls   for votes to remain in power, and now advocate unlimited abortion and praise   homosexuality.

Our Constitution and those who have sacrificed their lives for the tenets   therein weep. Teachers unions rule their weak members through censorship and   intimidation; their members are afraid to stand for truth. Homosexuality is   raised to a virtue while our God is eradicated from academia and public   discourse through political correctness.

You will either vote for or against abortion this November. The freedom we   enjoy, and that our brothers and sisters have died for, is at grave risk.   That will now be upon your souls as you exercise your voice to support or   oppose this tyranny of government.

So say I. What say you, American? 

Robert Whalen- Bob

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