The Difference between a Parasite and a Person

Dehumanizing the Vulnerable in Rockford: When Word Games Are Used To Kill.

In an effort to sooth their conscience over the killing of babies in the womb, abortion supporters have used various terms to dehumanize children in the womb.  Such as:  less than fully human, non-persons, parasites, diseases, product of conception, clump of cells, and the Orwellian "legal non-person."

Those inside the Rockford abortion mill and some of their supporters outside on the side walk have systematically taken up the mantra that children in the womb are "parasites."

These "semantic gymnastics", by which some Rockford abortion supporters have tried to reduce to non-human status children in the womb, have also been used to kill and enslave other human beings throughout history.

In Rockford the dehumanizing of the unborn using false descriptions of their humanity is being used by abortion supporters to encourage the killing of children at the Northern Illinois Women’s Center.

 This video is an effort to set the record straight and can also be shown to enlighten any person who is unaware of the difference between a parasite and a person.

The Difference between a Parasite and a Person


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