The Face and Philosophy of "choice" in Rockford

Do not fret because of evil men or be envious of those who do wrong; for like the grass they will soon wither, like green plants they will soon die away. Trust in the LORD and do good; dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture.  Psalm 37

 Rockford April 16, 2010 -(As reported by Rockford Life Initiative- On a cool April morning when Rockford’s abortion mill was open to end the lives of children in the womb, a couple showed up to promote condoms and abortion.  They carried signs ridiculing Jesus Christ that said "condoms for Christ" and walked up and down the sidewalk, attempting to hand out free condoms and promoting abortion. 



Pro-life advocates were able to engage them in a few brief conversations, and these exchanges clearly expose the mind-set of many who turn a blind eye to and even support the killing of children in the womb.

 "To accept the fact that after fertilization has taken place a new human being has come into existence is no longer a matter of taste or opinion….it is plain experimental evidence."   Father of Modern Genetics, Dr. Jerome Lejeune

 A pro-lifer who was carrying a large picture of a child in the womb  asked one of the abortion supporters if she had any concern for persons in the womb.  The response was, "It’s not a person.  It’s a fetus."  When the pro-lifer kindly explained to the abortion supporter that fetus is simply a Latin word that means "little one", the abortion supporter looked again at the picture and refused to say anything else.  He clearly saw that a fetus is a fully human person but refused to acknowledge the proof right before his eyes.



The couple continued to march up and down the sidewalk finding no takers for their free condoms.  They were asked about the signs in the abortion mill window that mock people with the HIV virus.  They were told about the sign indicated that people with HIV will "rot and die."

All the abortion supporter would say about this was,  "They do rot and die.  So what?"



Their eyes are shut so they cannot see, and their minds closed so they cannot understand.  Isaiah 44:18


When the people trying to pass out condoms where asked about the very high percentage of condom failure rates including independent sources who have proven condoms fail, lead to promiscuity, and higher abortion rates the only response of one of the condom pushers was "Christians are behind all the reports."

 "For the time will come when men will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires."  2 Timothy 4:3

 As they continued their death march around the abortion mill where over 50,000 children have been killed, the female abortion supporter started chanting, "God gave us free choice, and she wants us to use it."   It was assumed that her "goddess" wants children in the womb aborted.  One pro-lifer asked her if "free choice" meant we can kill people, and she chanted all the louder.



In a rather amusing turn of events, the condom couple had a friend show up on his moped.  The friend had a handwritten note attached with masking-tape to his helmet and jacket that said "PRESS."  This gentleman from the "press" greeted the couple with a smile and proceeded to take a picture of their "Condoms for Christ" sign. 


When the gentleman from the "press" was asked what news outlet he represented, he said cryptically "I’m from out of state."  He did ask one pro-lifer a question about abortion, indicating abortion would solve the problem of "all the unwanted children." 


The pro-lifer clearly told him that in the United Stated, we have over 550,000 couples waiting to adopt babies. In Rockford our newspaper is full of ads from couples wanting to adopt, and at the clinic we have many couples who would gladly adopt any child.  It was also explained to the "reporter" with the masking tape press pass that pro-lifers will help any mother in need raise her child for as long as she needs help and that every child is a wanted child by someone – and even if the mother doesn’t want the baby, brutally killing the child in the womb will never make anyone life better. 

 The gentleman from the "press" did not like this answer and didn’t even take the pro-lifer’s name for his "story."  We hope he has a safe trip on his moped back to his "out of state" news organization! 



As if promoting the murder of children in the womb weren’t heartbreaking enough, a question asked of the condom couple showed where believing a human child is a choice that can be murdered will lead us. 


They were told that this Rockford abortion mill has hung rubber chickens by nooses which has offended African Americans.  Numerous comments that have been made at this mill by abortion supporters that we need abortion to "get rid of …………… (a word we won’t print ,used against African-Americans)."  What was the condom couple’s response?  "It’s freedom of choice."



One young woman who held a sign that said, "I regret my abortion" attempted to engage the condom couple in conversation – they would have none of it.


"And if we can accept that a mother can kill her own child, how can we tell other people not to kill one another?"  Mother Teresa



What we saw this morning was "choice" personified.  They looked at a beautiful picture of a child in the womb and refused to care; not even the smallest ounce of compassion was shown.  The bizarre mantra about a she-god and signs insulting Christ with condoms, combined with  the complete lack of empathy and compassion for African-Americans, people with HIV, and post-abortive women are examples of how our acceptance of the murder of children in the womb shows that nothing seems to matter except our selfish personal desires.


What did the condom couple have to offer this morning?

1) Support of the death of children in the womb;

2) Refusal to see reality;

3) Refusal to show compassion for those who are attacked, wounded, or killed by the  culture of death.



But in the end, as the condom couple was pathetically trying to flag down passing cars and give way their free condoms, a mother, father, and child left the abortion clinic. 


The child was alive and safe in her mother’s womb – they had chosen life. 

 As they neared the corner where the condom couple was frantically waving condoms at cars and a pro-lifer was praying and holding the very same picture of a baby in the womb which the condom couple had refused to acknowledge as human, the young couple took a long look at the picture………….and  mom and dad gave the thumbs up as the family drove away from the killing center.


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