The Fallacies of Reasons for Abortion

The Fallacies of Reasons for Abortion

ProLifeCorner – Editor:   We want to start off the New Year with another inspiring and Larry-150x1 blueeducational article by one of the Pro Life Corner’s favorite authors, Larry Plachno.  Larry has once again shown the pro-death crowd for the evil and disgusting group they are.

The Fallacies of Reasons for Abortion

By Larry Plachno

If you take the time to study the arguments in favor of abortion you will find that none of them can be applied to decisions and actions regarding either individuals or groups. They all have some type of fallacy be it faulty reasoning, a mistaken belief or a failure in logic.

Murder has been with us since the start of human history, as indicated by the story of Cain and Abel in Genesis. As our society gets older we would expect it to become more mature, more knowledgeable and more humane. It appears that the exact opposite is true. As predicted by the Blessed Virgin at Fatima, things have only gotten worse. The 20th century may well be remembered as the bloodiest in human history. While figures vary, sources indicate that the Soviets, the Communist Chinese and the Nazis together killed more than 116 million people during this past century and this figure does not include other, lesser, atrocities by other governments.

Very few of these victims were given any kind of trial or opportunity to defend themselves. And, in most cases where there was a trial it was a joke at best. Today, most people look back and say that killing specific groups was wrong and should not happen. Yet, the reasons and justification for abortion today are the same reasons used to justify genocide and mass murder in the past. We can take a few minutes to do a simple comparison and show how there is no difference in the reasons and justifications between today’s abortion and yesterday’s genocide.

Good and Evil as a Choice

Christians and Pro-life people tend to judge their actions and decisions based on certain rules. Typically, love of God translates into judging your actions and decisions as good or evil. Being a follower of Jesus Christ means that you subscribe to love of neighbor and put others first. Then, there is always the 10 Commandments that include “Thou Shalt Not Kill.” I might mention that these guidelines are not limited to Christians but are followed by people of other faiths and even atheists because they are logical in working together and making our society run well.

In comparison, one of the justifications for abortion is that there are no rules for good and evil. Those who subscribe to this claim that each individual can set their own criteria for good and evil and should not be influenced by others. This is where we get the famous saying: “If you don’t believe in abortion, then don’t have one but leave me alone.”

This argument and justification falls apart immediately when applied to actions and decisions involving others. Governments that set aside good and evil and replaced it with “choice” were responsible for all or virtually all of the 100 million plus deaths and genocide during the 20th century. The logic becomes crazy. If you don’t believe in killing people of other nationalities, then don’t do it but leave those alone who do. If you don’t believe in enslaving people of other nationalities and races, then don’t do it but leave those alone who do.

It becomes obvious that society falls apart if people and governments ignore good and evil and invoke “choice” as justification for killing other groups, nationalities and races. But equally interesting is that those who believe in “choice” for themselves are the first to deny “choice” to those who think differently. The bottom line is that the people committing these atrocities do not ask or listen to others but make a “choice” to do what they want.

There are times when I wonder whether abortion is a sin of pride. Does the person judging abortion as acceptable actually think that they are equal to God in determining whether actions and decisions are good or evil? Do they think that killing each other is an answer to anything? Do they think that taking the life of the helpless and innocent unborn infants and others considered inferior improves humanity?

Inferior/Not Totally Human

Another claim used as a justification for abortion is that unborn babies are inferior or not totally human because they have not yet been born.

There is no way that anyone can claim that unborn babies are not human. It is simple logic that over the long history of humanity, pregnant women have always given birth to human babies. I know of no recorded instance where a pregnant woman gave birth to a fish, a bird or a puppy dog. Hence, it becomes obvious that unborn babies from human parents are human.

The real question here can be stated as follows: Is it OK for people to enslave or kill groups that they consider inferior?

When you go back and look at those 100 million plus deaths in the 20th century you find that in most cases their murders were justified by claiming that the victims were inferior in some way. Many, if not most, of the Soviet and Chinese genocide atrocities were based on the fact that other nationalities or people with different political views were considered inferior. In the case of the holocaust, the Jews were considered inferior because they were not members of the Arian race. If you go back into the history if the United States you find that people from Africa were considered inferior because of things like the 3/5 compromise (allowing Africans to be counted as 3/5 of a person) or the Dred Scott decision that held that Africans could not hold citizenship and hence could not sue in court.

All of this brings us back to the same question: is it OK for people to enslave or kill groups that they consider inferior? As we saw in the 20th century genocide, this is not limited to abortion but applies to all groups of people.


One of the reasons given to justify abortion is that the unborn baby resides within the mother and hence is under the control of the mother. This concept of location and control has been used as a major justification for genocide in those 100 million plus deaths in the 20th century.

In virtually every case, the governments involved justified their mass murders by saying that the victims either lived within the motherland or under its control. Hence, if you agree that location and control is a factor, then you give permission to governments to kill any group they want that are living within their motherland or within their control.


Some people try to justify abortion by saying that the unborn babies are unwanted. This, of course, is ridiculous since there are a huge number of couples standing in line willing to adopt a baby. In fact, I would have to say that no baby is unwanted. In more situations than I can count, I have seen where people step up to adopt a baby even if it has major physical problems.

Again, this reflects the genocide of the 20th century. A good many of those 100 million murders were justified by saying that those people were unwanted. Time and time again governments have simply killed large numbers of people because they were deemed unwanted and in the way. One has to question whether they asked other countries if they were willing to take the people that they were about to kill. Anyone who condones killing because someone or some group is unwanted should look at millions of people killed in the 20h century because of this.

The holocaust of World War II is an excellent example. Many Jews left Europe and were welcomed by other countries. People who did not believe in what was going on made an effort to help Jews escape to a place where they were accepted. The same is obviously true of unborn babies. They are not unwanted. There is always someone willing to accept them.

One has to question the reasons behind people who accept abortion but not adoption. Is it because they want to emphasize their control over someone they consider inferior?

Not Normal or Handicapped

Is it acceptable to kill those you consider not normal or handicapped? This has been a reoccurring theme in genocide as well as abortion. Unborn babies diagnosed with Down syndrome are much more likely to be aborted than babies that appear to have good health. However, there are a huge number of examples where doctors said that an unborn baby had major problems but he or she was later born healthy and normal. One has to question how many perfectly normal babies were aborted because a doctor was too hasty in making a diagnosis and the parents used that as an excuse for abortion. And, as mentioned earlier, one also has to consider the fact that there are other people who would accept that baby in spite of physical problems.

This same theme carries through to other areas. China has a population imbalance with more male children than female because female babies are more likely to be aborted. Here in the United States, minority babies are more likely to be aborted than others. In fact, if you go back to the early days of the abortion movement in the United States you will find people supporting abortion as a means of reducing the numbers of minority groups.

Judging by What They Are and Not What They Do

While this rarely comes up in regard to abortion, it is interesting to note that virtually every instance of abortion and genocide shares the concept of judging people by what they are rather than what they do.

We have been told that God judges people by what they do, not by what they are. When Jesus Christ picked his apostles, they were common people and not political or religious leaders. In spite of prejudice against Samaritans and women, Christ spoke to the Samaritan woman at the well and offered a parable about the Good Samaritan. When Christ drove the moneychangers out of the temple, he still loved them but was unhappy with their actions in desecrating the house of his father.

In virtually every situation of these 100 million deaths due to genocide in the 20th century and today’s abortions, the error was in judging people and groups by what they are rather than what they do. Hence, a good question to ask those who favor abortions is whether we should judge others based on what they are or on what they do? Judging individuals and groups on what they are rather than on what they do has led to genocide and murder that is looked upon as wrong today. In most of these situations there were people supporting the innocent and saying that these mass killings were wrong and evil, just like people do with abortion today.

I might point out that most of the people who were murdered in the genocide of the 20th century were probably innocent of any real wrongdoing. But the unborn babies are obviously the most innocent.

Will There Be A Chastisement?

There have been repeated warnings from apparitions of the Blessed Virgin and thousands of people speaking up for unborn children and the pro-life position. Those who have studied the past unfortunately know that none of this is new.

More than 800 years before the birth of Christ, the Jews fell away from worshiping Yahweh and instead began to worship pagan gods. Even worse, they would burn their own children alive to sacrifice them to these pagan gods. God sent several prophets to both Israel and Judea including Elijah, Amos, Isaiah and Jeremiah to tell the people to repent and return to the worship of Yahweh. In fact, Isaiah predicted a punishment if they did not repent and Jeremiah warned the Jews to return to Yahweh or they will serve the King of Babylon in slavery. As most historians know, the Jews did not change their ways and many of the Jews were taken to Babylon in captivity.

There have been repeated warnings that God is unhappy with the acceptance of killing innocent children through abortion. And, no one can deny that God has encouraged a huge number of people (including me) to speak of the horrors of abortion. When Jesus Christ admonished us to love our neighbor, he certainly did not provide exceptions for people of different races, people of different nationalities or the unborn. I would prefer to be somewhere else when God finally loses His patience with humanity because of the acceptance of both abortion and genocide.


Editors Note:   Larry Plachno is a successful businessman, publisher, author, and composer of an incalculable number of articles relating to family, life issues and associated problems and solutions. This barely scratches the surface of what Larry really is. His love of God, family and country is inspiring.

For years now Larry has shared his writings with us here at the ProLifeCorner and we are truly humbled by his generosity.

Larry is also an ardent blogger and is a prolific writer.  You can follow his work at:

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