The Gift Of Love Opens Hearts And Saves Lives At Rockford's Abortion Mill

Rockford, Il – ( – 7-30-3022 – by James – On the sidewalks outside of Rockford’s abortion mill pro-lifers spoke with a mother who was bitter and scared about being pregnant again.  She was definitely considering an abortion.  This is when the grace of God took over and this resentful young woman went into the Mobile ultrasound clinic.

The love and Christian hope she received inside the ultrasound clinic, and seeing her child in her womb opened mom’s heart to her baby.

All obstacles were not overcome though.  Her mother arrived, the grandmother of the child, and also spoke with pro-lifers outside the mill.  Grandma told the pro-lifer she still thinks her daughter should get an abortion.  That’s when pro-lifers shared with her all of the help available in Rockford for mothers in need, and the direct and immediate help that the pro-life Christians of this city would provide.

After a long internal spiritual battle between the forces of death and life, the presence of Christians offering love and the powerful truth of an ultrasound that showed a child in the womb, both mom and grandmother’s hearts were softened and the baby in mom’s womb is now loved and safe.

The grandmother who at first favored abortion then said, if you people are willing to help then I’ll help also.  She gave a sidewalk counselor a big hug before she left with her daughter and her grandchild.

Rockford area pro-lifers are taking up a collection to help this courageous mother who chose life his morning.  She is going to come back and see us at the Labornews building next to the mill on Wednesday August 3.  If you would like to help her please bring groceries or gift cards to help mom, the baby in her womb, and her others children.

The gift of love truly opened hearts and souls to the beauty of life this morning……all thanks be to God.




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