The Hand Of God Saves Lives In Rockford, IL

The Power Of Prayer And Love Combined With The Hand Of God Saves Lives In Rockford
Rockford IL, Jan 28, 2011 – The battle for life in Rockford has taken many interesting and even strange turns in the last few years, but one thing is certain; when pro-lifers are faithful witnesses to Christ and life, the hand of God changes hearts.  God, who can bring good out of evil, did just that this morning and saved the lives of two babies.

Harvest Bible Chapel brought a large group of people to pray in front of the Rockford abortion mill this morning. These faithful Christians were a tremendous witness for life on the cold sidewalks of Rockford.
God, who can bring good out of evil, did just that this morning to help save a baby’s life. 
The abortion mill landlord had cars parked throughout the neighborhood to block the mobile ultrasound clinic again today.  In a fit of anger that borders on the deranged and comical, he called the police to complain that he couldn’t park in every open space this morning because a pro-lifer was holding one of the spots for the mobile ultrasound clinic.  God decided to use his arrogance and evil intentions to help save a life!
As the abortion mill landlord was talking to four police officers, a very timid and scared young mother stopped to talk with sidewalk counselors.  The mill landlord would usually have screamed at and threatened her over his public address system, and this usually frightens the mothers into the abortion mill.  Thankfully, he was too busy complaining to the police about pro-lifers to scream at her. 
This gave the sidewalk counselors the time they needed to speak to her about the free ultrasound available in the mobile ultrasound clinic, and of all the help and support pro-lifers will gladly share with her.
The young mother parked her car, and as a sidewalk counselor walked her to the free ultra-sound, she saw all the people praying and stopped for a long time to look at a statue of Jesus and Mary holding a baby surrounded by flowers.
We will be holding a baby shower for this young mother in the coming months.
A second young woman and her friend went into the mill for her scheduled abortion appointment.  After being inside for over an hour, they came out and went straight for the mobile ultrasound clinic.  When asked why they came out, mom said, as we have heard many times before, "It’s so creepy in there.  I couldn’t stand it anymore."   
So a second mother had a free ultrasound and chose life today.  As mom and baby were heading safely for home, she was asked by the mobile ultrasound clinic driver, "Can we help in any other way, just name it."  
The smiling mother said, "I don’t need any more help.  You have done enough already." 

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