The New Atheism

The New Atheism

ProLifeCorner-  Editor-    A friend recently sent a link to the video below. I had the opportunity to watch it this morning and I found it very revealing. The gentleman who presented this video on the new atheism was originally from India, and in my opinion did an excellent job in his presentation. If you have a son or daughter in college or planning to go to college, I strongly suggest that you watch this video together as a family in order to prepare them for the attacks they will receive on their faith, not only in school but in all aspects of society.

As adults we, too, must be educated to the ways of the new atheism. The wisdom and sophistication of the attacks on Christianity are straight from the lips of Satan.

During this Christmas season do not allow Satan to steal your joy. May the love and joy of our Lord Jesus be with you and your families.

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How Do I Know God Exists Dinesh D’Souza




2 thoughts on “The New Atheism

  1. This guy is a good talker but he was talking about the wrong kind of atheism. God exists for sure but what we can do is go beyond the current theistic concept of God (Old Testament variety) and adhere to God as creator and sustainer of the universe, totally ineffable and as the source of spirituality. We must exercise out triune nature and nurture all three (Mind, Body and Spirit) to become healthy, self actualizing beings. God rules in this kind of atheism, but not in his.

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