The New Yorker Meets Rockford's Abortion Mill

Rockford, Il – ( – 1-29-2012 – by Rockford Pro-Life Initiative – The letter below was written to a local newspaper by a man who would stroll up and down the sidewalks of Rockford’s abortion mill, carrying a pro-baby-killing sign, while he was reading The New Yorker magazine.  It was a surreal sight to see a man so devoid of compassion that he would read an elitist magazine while a few feet away from him babies were having their skulls crushed and their beating hearts ripped out while their mothers were subjected to a dangerous, unsanitary, and deadly child-killing procedure.

The radical chic mindset that can read The New Yorkers as children are being viciously killed is what the culture of death has done to the hearts, minds, and souls of those who are willing to kill babies on the demonic altar of "choice." 
Below is a letter written by this abortion supporter with our commentary in red:
Thank you for the balanced editorial (The Register Star is NOT balanced; it has admitted it is pro-abortion) appearing in the Jan. 15 issue concerning the closing of the Northern Illinois Women’s Center.
A plurality of U.S. citizens supports the right of women to control their reproductive destinies (This is a lie.  Most Americans believe abortion should either be outlawed or have strict controls over it). As former President Clinton once said, “Abortion should be safe and legal, but rare.” (Abortion is never safe because a baby dies, and a mother becomes the killer of her own child.  Owning slaves was legal, and putting Jews in ovens was legal.  Mr. McClendon himself stood outside Rockford’s abortion mill, encouraging mothers to kill so in reality he doesn’t even want it rare.).
Lack of community support has been cited as a factor in the closing (He’s right.  Our community did finally get sick of babies being brutally killed in an abortion mill known for its racism, mocking of women and children, and bigotry).  I think that has less to do with the public at large than it does with the economics of medicine (That’s a strange statement.  The Rockford abortion mill posted many signs bragging about how much money it made killing babies.).
Clearly, no area hospital or clinic is currently willing to include the addition of abortion procedures because the opposition of a small, persistent group of religious zealots would interfere (A small but always growing group of people who through love for God and love for women and children sacrificed for years to end the murder of babies in the womb – thank You, Jesus). Profit would suffer (so is he saying liberals only murder babies for profit?).
As a result, women without insurance must do the best they can (Again, the poor and minorities are the target of choice of the baby killers.).
Those opposed to choice cited concern for the safety of women using the clinic (Well, yes, we are concerned when a clinic does not sanitize its surgical instruments.  It’s funny though.  Rockford’s abortion supporters never said a word about women who were subjected to subhuman conditions in Rockford’s abortion mill.).
A concrete expression of that concern would be to desist from demonstrating at clinics, allowing them to be located in places meeting state regulations (The place has nothing to do with it.  The conditions inside abortion mills are horrific because they are in the business of slaughtering human beings.).
I wonder how long it would take the city to encourage a group of animal rights activists, toting lurid signs and harassing patrons of a restaurant featuring meat dishes, to relocate because protests interfered with business? (If this is the best defense he can give for murdering human beings in their mothers’ wombs, it’s no wonder people are beginning to see abortion for the crime against God and humanity that it is.)
 — Gaen McClendon, Rockford

15 thoughts on “The New Yorker Meets Rockford's Abortion Mill

  1. You did it again, they try and make abortion sound so nice. kind of like the Nazis calling the murder of Jews the "final solution." So neat and clean. Thank you for showing the truth behind those words.

  2. We will never have peace in our would until we have peace in the womb. If we kill our own babies war, poverty, hatred, and murder cannot be opposed with a straight face.

  3. International Planned Parenthood Federation just released a shocking new strategic plan for the Africa Region for 2010 to 2015 that calls for an 82 percent increase in the number of abortions.
    In short, an organization founded by racist Maragret Sanger, and supported by racist abortion supporters is calling for fewer black people. Shock! Who’d a thunk it? Sanger’s racist directive to her peeps was, “We don’t want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population.” Well with this announcement, there goes that, huh?

    And we all know the pro-abortion crowd in Rockford will never say a word about the racism of abortion.

  4. It is good to pray that Nazis will stop being Nazis, we must pray for abortion supporters to stop killing babies, but we must act as well as pray.

    We are in a war. It is not a war of our choosing, but a war upon us none the less. And if we choose to act as if we are not at war, we will lose and babies will die. We can pray for the end to war, but if we choose not to fight, we will lose. Prayer cannot help those who refuse to engage in the battle.

    As we have seen, prayer + action = a closed Rockford abortion mill.

  5. That was great and so much fun to “read between the lines”. Yes, I remember this person down there on the sidewalk and how very important it was for him to portray this image of himself.

    I like “Truth B Told”‘s comment…prayer + action = a closed abortion clinic. There was much prayer over the years and the action was the people coming out faithfully and speaking out for the little ones and their moms. So many heros and the babies know now how much we loved them, cried for them and tried to save them.

    Patrick Brady, you also deserve to be mentioned as one of the strongest “soldiers” … On the bitter cold days and the scorching hot days, there you were at the driveway on your knees in prayer. Thank you!

  6. See, you blind ones, you who are deceived by your enemies: by the flesh, the world, and the devil; because it is sweet to the body to commit sin and it is bitter for it to serve God; And you have nothing in this world or in the one to come. The body becomes sick, death approaches, and this man dies a bitter death. And no matter where or when or how a man dies in the guilt of sin without doing penance and satisfaction, the devil snatches up his soul from his body with so much anguish and tribulation that no one can know it unless he has experienced it. And they leave their substance to their relatives and friends, and these have taken and divided the inheritance among themselves……Worms eat the body. And so they have lost body and soul in this passing world, and both will go down to hell where they will be tormented without end.”        St. Francis

    Those who refuse to repent from killing children are in for a rude awakening in eternity.

  7. I wish I’d known about him. I would have brought my own copy. It’s a good magazine, and he being a bit sheltered probably thought pro-abortion means a monopoly on education.

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