The Only Acceptable Bigotry The Only Acceptable Bigotry.  Let’s see, that would be anti-Muslim.  No, anyone who does or says anything against the Muslims are murdered.  Anti-Semitic.   No, that can’t be because that would be on every front page in the country.  So far this year, according to the Catholic league, there have been over 27 hate crimes against the symbols of Christianity.  The Catholic league has been very generous by calling these hate crimes “Christmas Vandals” but the truth is it is an organized group of people who are perpetrating these hate crimes against Christians.

I fear, with the re-election of the Barak Hussein Obama, these hate crimes against Christians will be escalated.  After all, he is leading the attack against all Christians through his implementation of the HHS mandate which violates our rights to practice our religion as we see fit and forces us to violate our personal consciences.

As you read the Catholic League report below, try to visualize what would be happening in this country had these hate crimes been conducted against the Muslims.  We already know how they treat their perceived enemies.  I am not suggesting that Christians adopt the radical ways of the Muslims, but it would be refreshing if the media treated all religions with the same respect.

Maybe one day we Christians will wise up.  When we find in newspapers and other media outlets that they know the truth and don’t report it, then maybe it’s time we stop buying their newspapers.  If they cannot report all the news and give all the facts, they don’t  deserve our money.


Christmas Vandals Never Quit

Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on Christmas vandals: Every year at Christmastime, incidents of vandalism are rampant, and while this year was not as bad as last year, there still were too many instances. The following towns and cities were hit by vandals this year:

Birmingham, AL; Madison, AL; Live Oak, CA; Longmont, CA; San Diego, CA; Torrington, CT; Frostproof, FL; South Bend, IN; Granger, IN; Quincy, MA; Menominee, MI; Mt. Pleasant, MI; Angus, MN; Warren, MN; Dover, NH; Shrewsbury, MA; New York, NY; Portland, OR; Carlisle, PA; Chambersburg, PA; Spartanburg, SC; Nederland, TX; Ulster, NY; Forest, VA; St. Albans, VT; Covington, WA; Federal Way, WA; Beloit, WI; Clintonville, WI; Moundsville, WV.

The worst incident this year occurred in Huntington, WV, where a hand-painted baby Jesus figurine was stolen and defaced with sexual obscenities, anarchy symbols, anti-religious statements, the numbers 666, and an upside-down cross; horns were drawn on the head, and offensive markings were inscribed on the face, chest and groin.

It is our hope that law enforcement distinguishes between random acts of vandalism, often committed by drunken teenagers, and what happened in Huntington, WV. That was pure malice.

Contact our director of communications about Donohue’s remarks:
Jeff Field
Phone: 212-371-3191


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