The Rockford Abortion Mill Darkens Minds And Destroys Lives

Rockford, Il – ( – 1-28-2012 – by Rockford Pro-Life Initiative – Below is a public letter written by Barb Giolitto, concerning Rockford’s abortion mill.  She is trying to defend and promote the killing of children.   Barb, a former one term State Representative, instead of promoting the culture of death should be apologizing to the people of Rockford.  She stood at the driveway of Rockford’s abortion mill on numerous occasions, blocking mothers from receiving offers of free help or the opportunity to see a free ultrasound of the child in her womb.

After blocking these women from having a choice, Barb sent these unsuspecting women into the dangerous Rockford abortion mill.  This was an abortion mill that, at the same time Barb was standing at the driveway taking away women’s choices, was breaking the law and endangering women’s lives by not having a registered nurse on staff, no admitting privileges at local hospitals, and using the most disgusting signs promoting racism, bigotry, and discrimination Rockford has ever seen.
Barb never told these mothers that this abortion mill had unsanitary operating rooms, dirty surgical instruments, and a non-working autoclave that should have been sanitizing the surgical tools!  The failure of this autoclave could have spread STD’s from woman to woman because the surgical instruments may not have been sterilized!
These conditions were so dangerous and disgusting that the State of Illinois issued an emergency order closing this mill to protect women – yet Barb has never publicly apologized for her blocking mothers from receiving free information about alternatives to these possibly deadly and horrific conditions. 
People such as Barb need our prayers.  Her ability to truly care for women has clearly been distorted by the culture of death.  It is impossible to support the murder of babies for years and still be able to reason clearly.  Below is her public letter and our commentary in red.
It is unfortunate the Northern Illinois Women’s Center has closed (Hundreds of lives have already been saved because this dangerous baby-killing factory has been shut down), denying services (the butchering of babies) to women in nine counties. Sadly, this health procedure (Crushing the skull of a child is not a health procedure) has been turned into a religious and political issue (It is a religious, political, moral, philosophical, and medical issue when innocent human beings are murdered).

Last Sunday was the 39th anniversary of Roe v. Wade.  Its opponents know they cannot overturn it (Barb is right.  Pro-lifers won’t overturn it.   God will crush the culture of death in God’s time and God’s way), but through harassment and bullying (In other words pro-lifers offer love and support to mothers, and the pro-aborts feel harassed when moms choose life) we are seeing abortion becoming not illegal, but inaccessible, thus, taking us back to the days when women died of illegal, unsafe abortions (All abortions are unsafe.  A baby dies, and Barb did not seem to care about the unsafe conditions in the NIWC).

Radical opponents
(such as the radical abolitionists who ended slavery) have bullied and intimidated patients and all others involved (The pro-aborts feel bullied when they are asked why they support murdering babies in the womb – and they can’t answer).

They do not walk in the shoes of a desperate woman who cannot afford another child
(Pro-lifers offer these mothers love and help – pro-aborts offer them a bloody dead baby and a lifetime of regret), or whose body is unable to sustain a pregnancy (Again, pro-lifers offer what any mother needs to "sustain" a pregnancy.  Pro-aborts want to see the baby brutally murdered). Those who say they believe big government should stay out of our lives (Yes, the liberals should stop supporting the murder of babies), yet want to deny a woman’s right to choose are clearly hypocritical at best.  A woman’s decision to discontinue a pregnancy is a personal, private health issue (Is it a woman’s right to discontinue being a mother by killing a three year old child? That is the same thing as killing a three month old child in her womb – murder is murder).

The Winnebago County Citizens for Choice is optimistic a physician has the courage (It doesn’t take courage to murder a defenseless baby – just heartless greed) to open a new clinic, that local hospitals will be supportive of it, and our city officials will provide a safe environment for its patients (After the racism, bigotry, and unsanitary conditions of the NIWC, the city of Rockford knows what abortion is really all about).— Barb Giolitto, president, Winnebago County Citizens for Choice


14 thoughts on “The Rockford Abortion Mill Darkens Minds And Destroys Lives

  1. When abortion advocates like the members of Winnebago County Citizens for Choice promote abortion, they speak of it as though it is good for women and society. They frame their speech around misleading terms like "choice," "rights" and "healthcare." In addition, they often neglect to mention the downsides commonly associated with abortion. One of its greatest downsides is that it is an act of violence.

    Many years ago, I found an interesting sidebar on abortion in the 1994, third edition of Introduction to Social Problems. It is a sociology textbook, and a good one, which, I believe, makes it unique. The authors are Thomas J. Sullivan and Kenrick S. Thompson. I would like to share some of the information I found in the sidebar with you because it describes the reality of abortion in a way that I will never forget. It referenced a letter that Dr. Warren E. Hern wrote to Planned Parenthood as a result of his experience performing abortions. I believe the letter was dated in the 1980’s. At the time, he had performed approximately 300 abortions. Presumably, many of these were Dilation and Evacuations (D&E). This procedure is also called a Dilation and Extraction. It goes by other names too. Regardless of the name people use, it is typically performed in the second trimester and involves the same basic steps.

    They are roughly as follows: The first step involves dilation of the cervix and is followed by the second step, which is the surgical evacuation of "the contents of the uterus," that is, the child. The abortionist uses instruments to grasp the child. Then the abortionist uses the mother’s cervix as a wedge in order to rip the child apart. He removes the dismembered body parts a piece at a time. When the abortionist arrives at the head, he crushes it. In order to determine if the abortion is complete, all the body parts must be accounted for.

    The final step, then, generally involves piecing the child back together on a table. Based on Dr. Hern’s letter, it appears he was acutely aware that performing these steps could result in severe psychological problems. He indicated that guilt could be a severe problem. In his letter to Planned Parenthood, he wrote, "This technique creates intense emotional responses in doctors, and sometimes leads to moral anguish and nightmares." His letter continued as follows: "We have reached a point in this particular technology where there is no possibility of denial of an act of violence by the operators. It is before our eyes. The sensations of dismemberment flow through the forceps like an electric current. Some part of our cultural and perhaps even biological heritage recoils at the destructive operation on a form so similar to our own."

    Barb and the Winnebago County Citizens for Choice should open their eyes that every abortion is an act of violence against both women and children.

  2. It should be a lesson to us all the pride, the power, the big money of these baby killers turned to dust in the face of the love and humility of pro-life Christians.

  3. I wonder what happned in her life to cause her to hate babies so much. It could also be she hates women because nothing destroys women more than abortion. Sad, just sad. Thank God that mill is closed.

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