The Sign Of Genocide

Rockford, Il – 7-25-2014 – – by Rockford Pro-Life Initiative – Christians in Mosul Iraq found the Arabic letter “N” standing for “Nazarene,” written on their homes, Churches, and schools by Islamist terrorists. It was a sign to convert, pay crushing taxes, or leave immediately with nothing or be killed. Please keep the Christians of Iraq in your prayers, who have nothing but faith, and the generosity of others to sustain their existence.

The followers of Islam mean it as a mark of shame, Christians are now using it as a mark of hope: Yes, we are the people of the Resurrected Nazarene, the Master and Lord of the Universe, the Man who is God Almighty, the Second Person of the Most Holy Trinity. You may kill our brethren and expel them, but we Christians will never go away. 

We must face the fact that Islam is on a mission to rid the world of Christians and Jews and just as Christians have defended life in the womb we will defend the lives of all those who are being murdered in the name of Islam.

Please take time out of each day to pray for our brothers and sisters who are suffering from the holocaust of Christians in the Middle East.  No other countries, including our own, are doing anything to help stop this genocide.  In times past the United States would have been doing everything possible to help stop this atrocity.  Instead, we sit and watch as literally millions of Christians are being slaughtered and brutalized by what some have referred to as “a religion of peace”, that is Islam.  We ask all reading this to pray, sacrifice, and fast for the end to this hideous destruction of human life.

As hostile to Christians as our current administration has been and is, would it do any good to contact our Representatives and Senators about this issue?  Please share with us any thoughts you have regarding this matter.

The following note was just received from ACLJ (American Center for Law and Justice), Jay Sekulow, ACLJ Chief Counsel

“The United Nations Human Rights Council has decided to investigate Israel. That’s right, Israel. Not Hamas. Hamas fires rockets at civilians and even tries to target Israeli airliners. Hamas has used U.N. schools to store its rockets – rockets that are then aimed at Israeli schools. Hamas uses civilians as human shields, gathering women and children around terrorists to stop Israeli attacks.

The U.S. must stand up against this insanity. Instead, Secretary of State Kerry is pressuring Israel to give in to the terrorists.  Israel is under fire from all sides. At the ACLJ, we’re taking action to defend Israel in Congress, as I lead a team in Europe urging support for our ally Israel.

If we don’t stand with Israel, no one will. Make your voice heard today.”

If Christians had a means of defending themselves, be assured the United Nations would be doing the same thing to them that they are now doing to the Israeli’s, that is going after the wrong people.  ACLJ:

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