The Truth is, Abortion Kills

Is The Rockford Abortion Mill Not Reporting Child Predators?
Rockford IL – On Saturday August 28, two men walked into Rockford’s abortion mill with a young lady following.  Shortly after they were inside one of the men came out and spoke with sidewalk counselors about his friend who is over 18 who is taking an under age girl in the Rockford abortion mill to have an abortion.

The man told a pro-lifer that if the girl’s mother knew this man got her daughter pregnant she would, "have him thrown in jail."
These three people drove for over four hours from Wisconsin because they found out the Rockford abortion mill does not ask the questions some of the abortion mills is Wisconsin do. 
Pro-lifers immediately reported the situation to the police who spoke with the man outside of the mill and confirmed what was happening. 
The police said this is a situation for the "medical board" and took a report on what happened.
A teacher who was present and who is a mandated reporter of child abuse called the abortion mill and spoke with the director.  When the clinic director was told of the situation she said, "It is no concern of ours," and hung up the phone.
Even though every person on staff inside the Rockford abortion mill is a mandated reporter of sexual abuse as far as pro-lifers know in the last 25 years they have not reported even one case of a pregnant under age girl being brought to this mill by an older man.
This link provides information on the epidemic of abortion mills covering up for child predators.
Below is a video report on what else happened at the mill this morning.
The Truth is That Abortion Kills

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