Unfolding the Holy Work of Creation

Unfolding the Holy Work of Creation

Parent is a domestic minister, a domestic prophet, a domestic priest.

“Whoever believes in me will do the works that I do, and will do greater ones than these,”

Scrubbing the pan in which Sunday’s pot roast was roasted, getting your children to and from school, doctor’s appointments, rehearsals and practices, paying the bills and balancing the checkbook are hardly inspiring, exhilarating experiences. But they are holy acts.

The details of being a parent — cleaning, teaching, driving to and picking up, paying tuition, guiding, counseling, feeding, clothing — take on a spiritual character when they are part of the work of transforming a child into a sacred and thoughtful and engaged adult.

For parents, the spiritual is not ethereal or remote; the holy is not abstract and confined to words and images. For Moms and Dads, the spiritual is painfully real; the holy is directly connected to the most ordinary and mundane of human activities. The spiritual transcends the present to envision the future — and who contributes more to the future than a parent raising a child into a responsible, centered, loving adult?

As a parent, you are a minister, you are a prophet, you are a priest. You are unfolding the holy work of creation when you gave life to this person with a soul and spirit. You are continuing the work begun by and now entrusted to you by God.  And that is the holiest of vocations.

My brothers and sisters in Christ, the simple, mundane tasks of being a parent, or of being a member of a family, or of being a friend, or of being a part of a parish, is the very “work” of God! On the night before he died, Jesus asks his disciples to take up “the work that I do” – the work of humble servant-hood that places the hurts and pain of others before our own, the work of charity that does not measure the cost, the work of love that transcends limits and condition’s.   The “work” of God is not measured in effectiveness or efficiency; the hallmark of God’s work is the compassion and love, the justice and healing that inspire and compel that work. The simplest act of kindness and mercy, done in God’s spirit of compassion, is to do the very work of Christ; the most hidden and unseen acts of kindness will be exalted by Christ in the kingdom of His Father.

Mary, Mother of Perpetual Help, pray for us!

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  1. How true! Wonderfully printed! Thank you! My mom was so cheerful and giving, as said in your words. Wisdom words, she’d say, “take life as it comes.” God bless all mothers who truly are/were mothers!

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