United Way Northwest Illinois In Full Swing

ProLifeCorner.com-  Freeport IL.-  Recently we ran two articles on the United Way documenting our concerns that some money was being spent or used by some of the member agencies to promote Planned Parenthood. These articles prompted dialogue between United Way of Northwest Illinois director Marsha Mulligan and ProLifeCorner staff members Frank and Chris Munda.

Marsha has headed up the Stephenson and Jo Davies County United Way for seven years. We met with Marsha and her husband at a local coffee shop to get her side of the story.  Marsha made it very clear that she was concerned that the two articles that were posted on the ProLifeCorner might have a negative impact on money raising efforts. She explained that she contacted all the member agencies in her group and they all stated that they do not support Planned Parenthood in any way, which helped to put our mind at ease.  We hope that we impressed upon Marsha that our concerns are not so much with United Way per se as we are with clients of the United Way who receive money from local contributors and then use that money to promote the diabolical efforts of Planned Parenthood.

She explained that United Way of Northwest Illinois should not be held accountable for what some of the United Way groups are doing in other parts of the country. We explained to Marcia if she released a statement to us regarding her particular efforts within United Way of Northwest Illinois we would be happy to print it in its entirety on these pages.


From Marsha Mulligan—————–

The United Way of Northwest Illinois covers vital human services that improve the quality of life in Stephenson, Jo Daviess, and part of Carroll Counties.  We currently provide funding for 32 programs in 29 member agencies.   However, there are some types of programs or services that we do not fund as a matter of long-standing policy.  We do not fund programs that offer abortion services or which actively promote or recommend abortion services.   UWNWIL does not support/fund Planned Parenthood, the National Abortion Federation (NAF) or similar organizations that provide family-planning, obstetric and abortion services or abortion counseling.  None of the programs we support provide any of these services.

We do provide support to families, children and individuals through Catholic Charities, Youth Services Bureau, abuse services, Freeport Area Church Cooperative, day care programs, and many more.  You can check our website www.uwni.org to see who we fund and what they provide.

The decision of what organizations receive funds from a United Way is entirely local.  We are completel autonomous.  Some other United Ways may support organizations that we choose not to support.   Some local United Ways will pass through donations to any not-for-profit located within or outside of a community.  UWNWIL is a “closed funds” United Way and will pass through designated funds only to other United Way Regions or local member agencies that are established as pre-approved community partners.  Funds designated to other outside organizations are returned to the donor.  All funds raised by the United Way of Northwest Illinois stay in our community, unless a donor specifically directs his or her contribution to another United Way Region.

We also note that both United Way Worldwide and United Way of Illinois, which both receive modest dues from local United Ways, provide no grant support to any organizations.  They are leader/ advocacy organizations that help our Global awareness and hold us to high standards of operation and transparency.   The above representations can be verified by a review of any entities’ 990 Federal Tax Reports which, by law, are required to list all grants and monetary support of other organizations.

I was recently made aware of the NAF website which stated that they could be funded by a designation in a United Way campaign.  This may be true in other United Way regions, but is definitely not true in our Northwest Illinois region.  United Way Worldwide was not aware of the information on the NAF website, and once made aware, is taking steps to correct this situation.

Since 1950, United Way of Northwest Illinois has mobilized community resources in order to provide support of families and children with a special emphasis on improving education, promoting family financial stability and encouraging a healthy lifestyle.  Connecting us to abortion services does great damage to the agencies we fund, who are working diligently to improve the lives of the children who live in our region.

October 29, 2012/MLM


PLC: Thank you Marsha for your input; it is our sincere hope that this puts to rest any concerns regarding United Way of Northwest Illinois.

In the future we will be addressing some concerns involving United Way in other areas of the country. I would like to make it very clear that these upcoming articles have nothing to do with the operations of United Way of Northwest Illinois.




2 thoughts on “United Way Northwest Illinois In Full Swing

  1. This tells me alot abouut this United Way Branch. Ms. Mulligan cared enough to make it clear they do not support abortion, that shows United Way of Northwest Illinois is run by good people.

  2. It is good to know a person of integrity is heading up United Way of Northwest Illinois. Thank you, Frank and Chris, for pursing this important topic. And, thanks to Marsha for caring enough to meet with you and clear things up.

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