USA- Union of Socialist America This is Obama’s vision for our country, the USA- Union of Socialist America.  At this point in time, it should be very clear to everyone that Barak Hussein Obama is an enemy of freedom.  It should be very clear to everyone that his course is clear, that is to change America from a free Republic to a socialistic state.  His contempt and hatred of the Christian faith cannot be tolerated anymore.  Catholic and non-Catholic Christians must unite in their love for Jesus Christ and stand up to the dictatorial freedom-destroying dictates of the Obama administration.

Michael Voris as usual, does a wonderful straight forward assessment of the problem.  Michael directs this video towards Catholics, but I believe it applies to all Christians of good faith.  If you love Jesus, if you love your freedom, if you believe that America was and now should be one nation under God, then you must resist at all cost the dictates of the Obama administration.

If Christians do not hang together, then they will hang us separately.

Michal Voris organization is now called www.ChurchMilitant.TV

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