Video Of Rally in defense of religious freedom, Freeport, IL

Up Date     Freeport IL- The rally in defense of religious freedom was a success.  Over 140 cities all across the nation participated in the rallies.  The enthusiasm of the crowd of about 260 people assembled at historic Debate Square in Freeport, IL was wonderful to behold.

The love of country and love of Christian faith was a joy for this American patriot to hear.  Those who spoke that day were Pastor Steven Barr, Father Timothy Barr, Pastor Jon Singleton, Retired Judge Charles Hartman, retired school administrator Ellen Slick, Monsignor William McDonnell, and moderator Christopher Clukey. 
Like the words of Abraham Lincoln over 150 years ago are still remembered, the words of love of God and country spoken on this March 23 will be remembered also.  This event is so important we will put the entire event here on our site in 4 parts.  This is important that all your friends, children, and grandchildren hear what these patriots had to say this day and the world must hear that the tyranny of the Obama administration will not be tolerated.
Below are all 4 of the videos: 

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