We Can Do Something About Persecuted Christians

Rockford, Il – (ProLifeCorner.com) – 7-25-2014 – by James – Christians are being persecuted and killed everyday in over 50 countries by followers of Islam.  Our liberal media is silent, President Obama is silent and even funding some of the groups that are slaughtering Christians, and in many cities in Europe and America there have been huge protests in support of the Islamic terrorists and murderers.

To my fellow Christians in Rockford….can we join together to do something?  

Our efforts may be small but if we offer them to Jesus together, He can use them as He wills.

Would you support joining together to do few things.

1. Each of us will commit to pray every day for Christians, Jews, and all people who are persecuted around the world by Islam.

2. We can as a group purchase and use bumper-stickers that ask people to pray for persecuted Christians.  Depending on how much money we can collect for this project we can offer these bumper stickers to Churches in the area to hand out.  If 25 of us used these bumper stickers on our cars, hundreds of people in Rockford would be reminded every day to pray (and hopefully do something) for persecuted Christians.

If we can get a hundred or more people in Rockford to use these bumper stickers we can remind thousands of people every day about the suffering of Christians around the world. (we have three Churches already committed to offering these stickers).   We can get 250 color stickers size 3 x 10 with a picture of Jesus and the words…… Pray For Persecuted Christians

3. We can be a network of people connected by e-mail so when the opportunity or need arises we can together contact local politicians and news media about the genocide of Christians taking place around the world.

4. We can occasionally have an email newsletter that we can share with others with information about this issue and how people can help.

5. We can be prepared in case the right situation comes to have a public rally / prayer gathering in support of persecuted Christians and Jews around the world.

Please let me know if you support this idea and if you have ideas to add to it.   I’m sure it makes all of you sick and heart broken to see how our Christian sisters and brothers are being killed and persecuted around the world……let’s do what little we can to show our love and support for them!

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2 thoughts on “We Can Do Something About Persecuted Christians

  1. Our small church in Roscoe is trying to set up a prayer service-probably in the local park-to show support for all persecuted Christians. We will collect money for Samaritan’s Purse Middle East Relief Project which supports one refugee camp in northern Iraq and a couple more in neighboring countries. They allow anyone to come for protection but most who come to the camps are displaced Christians. Anyone who has an interest in this, please let me know. No date yet but soon.

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