We Lost A Great Friend

R-Bradys-200x (1)We Lost A Great Friend

ProLifeCorner.com – 9-4-2016 – by Rockford Pro-Life Initiative – Words cannot express the love and friendship the Rockford pro-life community has for Don and Mary Brady.  For decades they took care of pro-lifers every day the Rockford abortion mill was open.  They opened their hearts and the Rockford Labor News building they owned to help save babies from abortion. Don and Mary provided a warm smile, words of encouragement, coffee, donuts, and shelter from the heat, rain, and cold to people in need.

Don has passed away after years of loving his family, protecting the unborn, and serving Jesus Christ. : Funeral MASS will be on Tuesday, September 6, at 11:00 am at St. Bridget’s Church, 600 Clifford Avenue, Loves Park, IL with visitation [at St. Bridget’s] 1 Hour before Mass.

Here is a link to Don’s obituary:  

Rockford had a place for over 70 years, provided by the Brady family, where Christ and His children in the womb have been loved, protected, defended, and offered a safe haven from the evil of abortion.  Thank you and God bless you Don and Mary Brady and family.

Below is a brief text about Don and Mary from the book Secret Rockford.

Two people who must always be remembered when the history of the Rockford abortion clinic is discussed are Don and Mary Brady of the Rockford Labor News.  The Labor News was a union newspaper for decades in Rockford.  In fact it was Cap Brady, Don’s Father and founder of the Labor News, who ran an illegal abortionist named Dr. Shipley out of Rockford in the 1950’s.

The Labor News building was located next to the abortion clinic on Broadway.  Don and Mary offered a refuge to pro-lifers for nearly 30 years.  Any person who needed a break from sidewalk counseling or praying on the sidewalks could go to the Labor News building for a cup of coffee, a donut, or a warm smile and words of encouragement from the Brady’s.  The Labor News for 30 years ran stories of lives saved from abortion and the struggle to respect and protect all human beings. The Brady family was threatened and at times lost business because of their defense of life but they never wavered.  Many mothers had the chance to speak to a pro-lifer in the quiet of the Labor News office and it was in this building they decided to choose life.Bradys 730x

7 thoughts on “We Lost A Great Friend

  1. A great man and friend has left this world and we will miss him so much. Don Brady, along with his wife Mary, are examples of God’s love in action. My fondest memory of Don was the picture that I have in my mind of he and Mary coming out to the front desk to share in the joy of a life that had been spared. They truly lived their lives for others and I often said to him that it was no accident that Ragsdale opened his abortion business right next to their Labor News building. His response was…”think so? Maybe not”. It was God’s plan for sure because we would never have been able to be out there, especially in the winter, without having a place to be out of the weather.
    Thank you Don Brady and now may you rest in peace. We love you!

  2. Even though I wasn’t able to go to the Abortion Mill as some of my dear pro-friends did, I will never forget how much they did for me on those cold winter days. I’ll keep Mary in my prayers. I know Don will be welcomed by our Lord and Savior with the words “well done good and faithful servant”

  3. I don’t like to be presumptuous, but I’ll bet he received a very warm and enthusiastic welcome. He touched and saved so many lives. I know that a little piece of him lives on in all of us. God bless you, Don, and God bless you, Mary. You are in my prayers.

  4. I love this guy and I don’t even know him. He will be missed. I feel cheated I didn’t get to know him. May he rest in peace.

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