ProLifeCorner – 1-15- 2017 – by Rockford Pro-Life Initiative – This January is the five year anniversary of the closing of the Rockford abortion mill – and abortion supporters will be marching in Rockford.

On Saturday, January 21st, a so-called ‘Women’s March Rockford’ will take place in our city with one of its major goals being the promotion of abortion.  This march in Rockford is a coordinated event with similar marches taking place in many cities across the country.  They will be pushing a leftist political agenda, promoting abortion, and trying to protect Planned Parenthood from budget cuts. Some of the sponsoring pro-abortion organizations for these marches include:



NARAL Pro-Choice America Foundation



By the grace of God Rockford’s abortion mill has been closed for five years, saving thousands of lives in the womb.

Most likely it will be a cold day on January 21st, but we must take a public stand against a return of abortion to Rockford.  This is our chance to thank God for the closing of the Rockford abortion mill and to let those who support abortion know if they think they can build support for another Rockford abortion mill they will be met by Christians who will stand up for life and Jesus Christ.

Please join us as we prayerfully make the presence of Jesus Christ known this Saturday to a group of people who are supporting the return of abortion to Rockford.

The pro-abortion Women’s march is scheduled to begin at 10:00am at Lucette Salon & Spa – 508 E State St, Downtown Rockford ( across the street from city Hall) and end at Emmanuel Episcopal Church 412 N Church St, at noon. On Saturday January 21st, Pro-Lifers should be at 508 East State Street by 9:45am so we can prayerfully hold signs (signs provided) as the March begins. We will then drive to Emmanuel Episcopal Church 412 N Church St, so we can meet the marchers as they arrive.

As the anniversary of Roe V Wade approaches, as an act of thanksgiving for the five year anniversary of the closing of the Rockford abortion mill and to seek God’s grace in keeping Rockford abortion free, please join us as a witness to Christ and life.



Vulgar PP 750x


  1. That line-up of pro baby killing groups sponsoring this march are responsible for the deaths of millions of human beings.
    ED: How right you are, they are today’s Hitler’s

  2. There is a Bible passage about returning to Jesus to give thanks. We as a city have been blessed by Jesus with five years of no abortion mill. Opposing this planned parenthood supported march is the perfect way to give thanks to God.

    • Our march is not affiliated with Planned Parenthood in any way. It is just a group of local women who want to support other local women in finding confidence, dignity, respect and equality. We have no agenda outside of that.

      • If you look at what the leadership of the Women’s March are saying they are marching to support the abortion agenda.

        By choosing to adopt a pro-abortion platform, the Women’s March on Washington is choosing to alienate roughly half of the women in this country.

  3. The symbol above, is just the symbol for women, I think that is Greek. The circle with the attached upside down cross attached to the bottom of the circle. They just added the tree in the circle and made the cross thick. Odd. Looks like it might be kind of warm for our counter-protest on Sat.

  4. Being a Christian myself, you may have forgotten verse Luke 6:37 “thou shall not judge” if these women have claimed to be peaceful and positive why would you accuse and judge them otherwise to cause violence? Seems as if no one on here actually cares about Jesus, otherwise they would be praying for these people if they actually believed these things. Not organizing a hateful protest.

    • You may not be aware that there is a Women’s March that will be taking place in Washington, DC to protest the possible lessening of abortion in the country. The signs usually carried by these protestors are venomous and hate-filled toward anyone who does not support abortion for any reason at all.
      In Rockford, the protest is to counter that one in Washington, DC. The protestors in Rockford will be trying to save babies and protect mothers. These are men and women who pray constantly for the baby and the mother because they know the results of abortion on both; death for the baby and a lifetime of pain, guilt, and suffering for the mother. They do not judge the woman but try to help her and her unborn baby in any way they can. One only has to see the pregnancy centers and the work they do to help women in a crisis pregnancy situation to know that judging the woman is not what they do, but giving aid and care to her is their main goal. This love and care is supported by loving and caring Christians from their own pockets, and not paid for by the government, as is Planned Parenthood.

    • Erica…….this women’s march is sponsored by many pro-abortion organizations. These pro-abortion groups are directly and intentionally responsible for the brutal and vicious mass murder of innocent little girls and boys………Jesus will condemn us if we don’t stand up against the murder of His children by these abortion supporters.

      Erica my friend, every abortion is a direct attack on Jesus who said, “whatever you do to the least of my people you do unto Me.”

      If you are a Christian you will join these peaceful pro-life Christians as they show the truth to the marchers that abortion is directly from hell.

      You mention violence in your post – abortion is the most violent action in the world – the killing of one of God’s children in the womb.

      Please join us as we try to bring peace to our world by opposing the abuse and killing of babies.

    • Thank you, Erica. We are indeed seeking only to bring peace and empowerment to women in the community. We are a group of women with varying backgrounds, many of us Christian ourselves.

      • Kate, I’m not sure if you are aware but sex selection abortions have killed over 120 million female babies for the crime of being female.

        According to the United Nations these sex-selection abortions have taken place in the last 50 years – can you or I or anyone comprehend that staggering number. Over 120 million girl babies have been killed simply because an ultrasound was done, it was found the child is female, so the little girl was killed.

        The organizations sponsoring the Women’s march are all 100% pro-abortion. They support the killing of all babies in the womb girls or boys but as women we must say no to the targeting and killing of girl babies but Planned Parenthood has said they full support any and all abortions.

        We are killing ourselves with abortion.

        If you follow the link below you will see the Womens March national orginization has made it very clear these are pro-abortion marches.

  5. Hello! I am one of the organizers for the Women’s March Rockford. We appreciate your concern over the march as many people have made innacurate assumptions of our goals. We would love the opportunity to set things straight with you, and alert you to some of the false information on your website, so that you can feel confident and accountable about your message :

    1. The women participating in this march – even down to the women organizing with me – are all women of different backgrounds, faiths and beliefs. The issue of reproductive rights, and specifically abortion, are not something we’ve even discussed because it is such a personal subject. Knowing that we have the support of women whom I know to be Catholic, Christian, Muslim, agnostic, and even support from some Trump voters, I can assure you we have women of many differing opinions on this matter. The right to choose, or the right to life is not something even we completely agree on. What we do agree on is treating every living creature with respect and dignity, no matter their circumstance. To state that this march has an agenda to facilitate abortion is not only wholly innacurate and incorrect, it is completely missing the point of why we march.
    2. We, ourselves, have made no mention of reproductive rights, planned parenthood or abortion in any of our communications. We feel we should also make clear that any federal funding of Planned Parenthood is NEVER used for abortion. It is used for keeping underprivileged women healthy and well-cared for when they may not otherwise be able to afford doctor’s visits – something we feel is very pro-life. That being said, we understand that you may still feel any funding of Planned Parenthood ultimately funds abortion, and we will likely disagree on that. We just ask you to consider the grown women’s lives (many of whom are not even pregnant) seeking basic care – in addition to the lives of potential unborn children.
    3. The logo design you have made reference to has nothing to do with the cross; it’s the Greek female symbol.
    4. We are not sponsored by any of the “pro-abortion” organizations you list. This is a completely grassroots effort by women for women.
    5. Our march is a celebration of women. It is meant to unite us all as a community in love and peace while giving women the confidence to command the same respect their male-counterparts receive. We are a highly diverse population here in Rockford, and yet we remain incredibly divided. We want to support each other and find new ways to grow in that love and support. Our march is uplifting the hearts of those who have suffered, empowering those who feel they can’t create change, and giving voice to those who don’t feel free to speak. It is not a protest at all. While you are entitled to stand against us, it would certainly make you appear small in the eyes of many women that may otherwise support your cause, and cause a rift in the aspirations we have for peaceful positivity in Rockford. We welcome dignified women of differing opinions and support healthy, respectful conversation over issues like these that matter so much.
    We hope this makes clear that we are NOT a march about abortion. Again, we believe an open discussion with you is the best way to provide clarity and further understanding of what we are promoting. Please let us know how we may be of more assistance.

    editor: I find it most interesting that the Women’s March is occurring at this particular time. With the inauguration on Jan. 20 and the March for Life on Jan 27 surely it would have been better to have the march at a later date when it could attract more attention? Or is this march just a protest that pro-abortion Hillary Clinton did not get elected?
    While it is true that the march is to bring attention to women’s issues, the bulk of the march appears to be abortion. Considering that NARAL and Planned Parenthood are helping to sponsor the march, and many well known pro-abortion advocates will be attending and drawing attention to the event leads me to believe the whole purpose is to make sure abortion is not changed in any way.
    A quote from the NY Times further states that abortion is the heart of the matter. I have included three articles that all agree abortion is the heart of the march.
    Planned Parenthood uses anywhere from 3 to 39% of the monies received to promote and perform abortions. As you must be aware, they have been caught selling baby parts to the highest bidders, and have also been charged with other heinous acts. Why should such an organization use my tax dollars to do such disgusting and harmful acts?
    Pro-life pregnancy centers help women before, during, and after pregnancy. Mammograms and other tests are often performed at clinics and hospitals free of charge to poor women, so why the need for PP? Margaret Sanger stated that birth control and abortion would be necessary to get rid of the undesirables such as Eastern Europeans, Blacks, the poor and underprivileged, etc. Since Sanger was instrumental in forming PP why would their ideas change now?
    To march for women’s rights to equal pay, dignity, and fair treatment under the law is a good thing and are already covered under existing laws. There is no dignity in destroying the child in her womb; no dignity in post-abortion syndrome; no dignity in making a woman an object instead of a person who should be treated with the same kindness and rights given to any human being, male or female.
    PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Nicole Russell, a writer for The Federalist, criticized women’s groups organizing the Women’s March on Washington this weekend for harassing pro-life organizations and excluding them from participating.
    Russell, during an interview with Chris Stigall on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, said the fight over abortion has assumed too large role in the broader discussion of women’s rights.
    As one of the many “principles,” the document listed “Reproductive Rights.” The march’s stance not only championed abortion, but also appeared to oppose the recent push to defund Planned Parenthood:
    “We believe in Reproductive Freedom. We do not accept any federal, state or local rollbacks, cuts or restrictions on our ability to access quality reproductive healthcare services, birth control, HIV/AIDS care and prevention, or medically accurate sexuality education. This means open access to safe, legal, affordable abortion and birth control for all people, regardless of income, location or education. We understand that we can only have reproductive justice when reproductive health care is accessible to all people regardless of income, location or education.”
    And (surprise, surprise) Planned Parenthood helped author the position. Among others, the document listed Kelley Robinson, Planned Parenthood’s Deputy National Organizing Director, as a “contributor.”
    In other words, to the march organizers, “women” doesn’t include pro-life women. Or women in the womb.
    The Women’s March on Washington officially is now pro-abortion, excluding millions of women who support rights for all human beings, including the unborn.
    And among its ranks will be some of America’s top celebrities, many of whom have been vocal abortion supporters in the past.
    Here’s more from the report:
    Some of the most wealthy and influential pro-abortion groups in the U.S. are backing the march, including Planned Parenthood and NARAL. Celebrities like Johansson, Schumer and Perry have been vocal advocates of the abortion business in the past, so their participation in the pro-abortion march comes as little surprise.
    Until about a week ago, the march claimed to welcome “people of all genders, ages, races, cultures, political affiliations and backgrounds … However, it became clear this week that the march has a decidedly pro-abortion agenda. Contrary to its stated mission of inclusivity, the march kicked out three pro-life women’s groups, New Wave Feminists, And Then There Were None and Stanton Healthcare, from its partner list after abortion activists complained.
    The Atlantic reported more about the situation:

    • Hi Kate,

      If I may I would like to respond to your post point by point.

      1. The national organizes for the Women’s March have made it clear one of the goals of these marches is to keep funds flowing to Planned Parenthood. As we know Planned Parenthood has murders over seven million babies since the 1970’s. That’s seven million human beings murdered by that baby killing organization.

      The web-site for the National Women’s march has a sponsorship page filled with all the major pro-abortion groups.

      We as a people must stand against the killing of our sisters and brothers.

      2. Any association with Planned Parenthood must be opposed because they are in the business of murdering children.

      If any Catholic woman is associated with the woman’s march that is promoting the killing of babies by abortion she has excommunicated herself from the Catholic Church according to the code of Cannon law #915. It is an automation self excommunication.

      4. Are you saying you have nothing to do with the national Women’s March?

      5. We believe in the goal of bringing communities and people together but the National Women’s march has made it clear that these marches are in support of abortion. Many statements from the national leadership and supporting organizations have said access to abortion is a major goal of these marches.

      Kate, we as Christians must defend and protect the lest of God’s people when they are in danger. Abortion is murder, abortion is the killing of a person who is loved by God, a person who is our sister or brother. Anything that brings Planned Parenthood into our community brings the potential for the mass killing of little children. We as human beings must say no to anything Planned Parenthood does to kill babies and these marches are being used by Planned Parenthood to promote the killing of babies.

      May God bless you

  6. I took a quick look at the Rockford Women’s march facebook page and copied this statement.

    “The core purpose of the Rockford Women’s March and other Sister Marches across the country is to stand in solidarity with the March on Washington Happening the same day. We are marching to confirm the dignity of women including Fair Wages, Equal Pay, Access to Healthcare.

    If the Rockford Women’s march is in solidarity with the national march and the national march is promoting abortion then so is the Rockford march.

    I also see on the Rockford facebook page a picture of a woman stating keep your laws off my (and the picture shows her panties).

    Also pictures of the slogan Nasty Women Unite. I’m not sure what they mean by this but in my opinion women are not nasty.

    Sounds like many of the marchers will be supporting abortion.

    • Actually guys… that first pic is a person going to Madison if you read the caption.

      That isn’t an organizer of the Rockford women’s march at all.

      This literally doesn’t seem worth our while at this point. We would be better suited to be strategic in Madison or somewhere the march is actually political… is it too late to rent a bus?

    • With all due respect, the photo featured in RRSTAR is not the same group as Women’s March rockford. The paper combines two separate groups: those headed to a different Women’s March and Kate Wirth, Women’s March Rockford. My name is Alicia and Kate and I have been planning this march iin the spirit of Dignity and Respect for all. As a practicing Catholic, I was taught from an early age to listen and learn. If you won’t listen to the message of Women’s March Rockford which is clearly about dignity respect and empowering women in our community. Kate’s actual quote: “We want to be clear that this is not a partisan event,” she said. “This is about lifting each other up, women of all races and backgrounds. We are not marching against something, but for something.”
      You will believe what you want to believe. It saddens me that you missed the point.

      Editor: Good morning Alicia my name is Frank and I am one of the staff writers here at the ProLifeCorner. I personally believe what you are telling me about your intentions for this protest in Rockford. That being said your good intentions are being negated by the bad timing of this event and the agendas set forth by radical pro-abortion supporters all across the country. It saddens me that you missed our point.
      We at the PLC will be closely monitoring the behavior and statements released by the woman’s March Rockford.

        • Alicia, sounds like you could have had a wonderful march if planned parenthood and the abortion lobby didn’t take over the national march. But in the end these marches will be seen primarily as a call to promote the ant-life agenda of the abortionists.

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