What This Three Month Closing Of Rockford's Abortion Mill Really Means

Rockford, Il – (ProLifeCorner.com) – 11-29-2011 – by Rockford Pro-Life Initiative – The earliest possible date Rockford’s abortion mill could reopen is January 4, 2012, when a hearing will be held in Chicago.  This means Rockford’s killing center will have been closed by the State of Illinois for at least three full months.  What does this mean for the people of Rockford?

Every week an estimated 25 children were killed in the Rockford abortion mill.  That’s approximately 100 human lives a month destroyed in Rockford by abortion.  This means for the three months the Rockford abortion mill has been closed, up to 300 human lives may have been saved.  Yes, some of these mothers may have gone to other cities to end the lives of their children – but many may have chosen life as well.
Abortion destroys families.  Because Rockford’s abortion mill is closed, many families may have come together to help each other and support both mother and child.  The closing of Rockford’s abortion mill may have saved dozens of families.
A new study just released documented that women who have abortions nearly triple their risk of breast cancer.  The closing of Rockford’s abortion mill means in the years to come, many women will be saved from the dangers of cancer. 
Countless women in Rockford won’t have to suffer the depression as well as the  physical, mental, and spiritual health risks that come with killing a child in the womb.   http://afterabortion.org/1999/abortion-risks-a-list-of-major-physical-complications-related-to-abortion/
Mothers and fathers will learn the difficult but wonderful lessons of love that come with raising a child.
We have seen with the closing of the once seemingly invincible Rockford abortion mill that the power of prayer and love overcomes the power of sin, Satan, and death. 
Because of the horrific conditions found inside NIWC and this prolonged closing, the people of Rockford will forever know that NIWC is no better than and in many cases worse than the most disgusting back alley abortion mill imaginable.
Because NIWC will be closed for the three months leading up to Christmas, countless babies in the womb will be born safely into this world to enjoy many more Christmases for years to come.

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