What To Do With Auschwitz In Rockford?

Rockford, Il – (ProLifeCorner.com) – 2-12-2014 – by Rockford Pro-Life Initiative – We have been told that the city of Rockford, Il. is considering purchasing the former abortion mill, Northern Illinois Women’s Center ( N.I.W.C.) to use as a geo police station. Below are just a few of the many reasons this would be money wasted and would only enrich the coffers of the building owner.  There are other locations that could be utilized for the police station.  The building at 10th and Broadway was in such poor condition when it was closed over two years ago that it would take much taxpayer money to get it up to code and decent standards.  When the building was open for the abortion business, it was not up to the code expected of other businesses; it is many years behind in code and standards.

Auschwitz and Northern Illinois Women’s Center had more in common than their looks.  They were both temples of death.

Over 100,000 babies were slaughtered inside NIWC; that building should never be used for anything else.  It is contaminated physically and spiritually with the blood of the innocent souls of aborted babies.  People can call it geo-this or geo-that but in the eyes of any decent citizen it would be viewed as Gestapo headquarters.

The building that housed Rockford’s Abortion mill is being considered as a location for a community police station.


This is a place where close to 100,000 human skulls were crushed and human hearts silenced by the hands of an abortionist.

This is a place that publicly celebrated the killing of babies in the womb as a victory over Jesus Christ.

This is a place that treated women as animals and did not even have a working autoclave to sanitize surgical instruments.

This is a place that many felt was supported by and covered up for by the Rockford police.  Is it appropriate that the police are considering a cozy financial deal with them?

This is a place that is owned by Wayne Webster, a man who has publicly mocked and ridiculed city officials and a man who is a very public anti-Christian hate-monger and bigot.

What is your opinion?  Should the city of Rockford buy the Rockford abortion mill?

We will try to glean information regarding the estimated cost of locating headquarters an NIWC versus elsewhere and do a follow-up article.

If you have any thoughts on the city squandering money on this building, please submit it to the comment section below or contact Kevin at everylifematters.com

Contact Mayor Morrissey ( larry.morrissey@rockfordil.gov  ) and your city representative and ask to have police geo HQ located elsewhere.

Lawrence J. Morrissey
City of Rockford, Illinois
425 E. State St., 8th Flr.
Rockford, IL 61104

Phone 815.987.5590

Please take a moment and watch this video………….then leave a response below.  WARNING:  THIS VIDEO SHOWS THE REAL FACE OF ABORTION-GRAPHIC VIDEO.

19 thoughts on “What To Do With Auschwitz In Rockford?

  1. OK, let me understand this. Wayne Webster is an open bigot who has publically used profane, degrading, and sickening language to mock and attack and hate Christians for decades.

    He is a bigot and hate monger and the city is going to enter into a financial agreement with him?

  2. A recent science channel show showed that the use of air hand dryers spread more germs than towels. What does this have to do with the subject of the sale of the building at 10th and Broadway you may ask? With the amount of infractions of sanitation that were found by the State of IL, what must the inside of that building be breeding? What about the cost of asbestos removal? The cost of hazmet suited workers going in to remove all the filth and debris? Then there would be the charges of installing elevators, handicapped access, and a general revamping of the entire inside of the building. That costs lots of cash which I’m assuming will be paid by us, the taxpayers! Don’t forget, the outside of that ancient building will need help also. Is it really worth the time and cost to repair a monstrosity of a structure to safely house a police center?
    There surely must be other buildings in that area that would be much more adequate for the purpose. And don’t forget, giving Wayne Webster one red cent for his building would be the biggest travesty of decency Rockford would ever see! Perhaps they could consider the purchase IF Wayne would do all the repairs himself at his expense.

  3. To many babies were murdered in this building for it to be used for anything. It should be torn down.

    The city should never buy a place that was a house of death.

    Forget about Webster. His “reward” will come in eternity, this is about a place, a building that was used by satan for the murder of children.

    We cannot forget these children.

  4. I’m sure the city officials and council people don’t know the true horror of what happened at 1400 Broadway.

    Anyway I talked with a pro-life woman who went into that place to see what it was like and she said it is stinking dump inside. The city should not waste it’s money on a house of death that is rotting inside.

  5. Please Mayor and Rockford City voting members regarding the renovation/use of the building at 10th and Broadway, in Rockford: Please go elsewhere. Please do not consider buying and/or using this building. It would be a disgrace for not only the residents of Rockford, but for every person who has ever been to this building where preborn babies were killed and mothers was wounded for a lifetime.
    Sister Rosalia Bauer

  6. The video shows the people of a local town being marched through the death camp. The people of Rockford who were silent about the killing of so many unborn children should be marched through that building on Broadway.

  7. Dear City Officials,
    I urge you not to purchase Mr Webster’s building. Rather you should condemn the place, force Mr. Webster to raze it, and place a votive plaque upon a stone commemorating the 1000s of innocent lives butchered there. Or maybe, as was done at Dachau, leave it standing, but only as a reminder of the horror inflicted on a community by one man’s greed.

  8. to have the taxpayers of this city buy a house that murdered thousands of innocent babies is truly an afrront. why should the owner receive any further financial profit? he should be in prison.

  9. Considering the satanic slaughtering of over 100,000 innocents in this building and its construction age and condition, it should be condemned and torn down. Because of its history, it is a place that would be extremely uncomfortable for anyone who would be required to work out of, such as GeoPolicing Center. Purchasing this building would be a waste of tax payer money!

  10. After being a pro-life activist in front of the old Turner School building I am glad to see the memory of the abortion mill in my rear view mirror. I always said I would like to see that historic building put to more noble use. This would I believe fall into that category. If the city buys the building for a fair price and uses it to house police officers that is not a problem in my thinking. Yes, the police were biased and I did lose whatever respect I had left for them in those days. But that and Wayne Webster’s history does not cloud the fact that the Turner building is a prime location for law enforcement in the city of Rockford. The police no longer have to deal with the problems of two and one half decades of NIWC being present there. Now maybe they really can concentrate on the needs of the surrounding community for a badly needed constant police presence. At least it will not be reopened as a place where lewd and lascivious practices are performed. Let the city buy it.

  11. Would the city buy a building from the KKK? I remember seeing old black and white pictures of Webster next to his racist signs. We all have seen some of his newer hate filled signs.

    No, Webster should have to hold on to his building. It was a tomb for thousands of children, Webster should have to continue to have to live with his “CHOICE” to murder babies.

  12. My prayers are for repentance – a complete 180 degree turning from death to life in our communities. How that change of heart will be shown is certainly about how we choose to spend our money, combined with the best use of buildings and other resources that serve our communities to promote the LIFE of its people. Killing babies for the sake of making money – that’s what has gone on here – it is a monument to the Culture of DEATH, making money at the cost of innocent lives. I don’t know the answer, but God does. Let officials, leaders, decision-makers make choices that promote health of the community – financially, morally, and most-of-all, in light of eternity. All I can say to anyone who will listen is: “STOP KILLING BABIES!”

  13. Really!!!!!! Does the city really want to bring up all the pathetic history of the baby killing center? Does the city really want to take ownership of that house of horrors?

    Or is this just another case of Karen Elyea trying to protect her pro-abortion bigot buddy Webster? I’m betting this is all Elyea and no self respecting police officer wants anything to do with a building that was used for 30 years to kill babies in.

  14. It is easy to see why some would think the building would be good for a community police presence. But most don’t understand that children were killed in there, that the owner of the building has displayed behavior that prevents decent people from doing business with him, and that the building itself has been treated just as babies were treated inside – it is a decaying place.

  15. If Wayne Webster reads this site he should consider donating the building to the city of Rockford as a public act of reparation for the babies he helped kill.

    Repentance can save souls……..if it is real and trusting in the mercy of Jesus.

  16. Do Not Buy the building….Do not accept it …even if offered ‘free’ by webster. Keep it on the tax roll…let him pay taxes on it, let him raze it, if he wishes, at his expense…BUT before razing it should be inspected by EPA so that toxic material and asbestos are not released into the environment.

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