When is Abortion More Than Abortion?

When is Abortion More Than Abortion?

ProlifeCorner-  By Larry Plachno-

Larry-150x1 blue            There have been an increasing number of questions from conservatives regarding the liberal position on abortion. Why is it so important to them? Why do the liberals insist that abortion be funded with tax dollars? Why is abortion tied to marriage and church? And, why do liberals insist on killing a baby instead of allowing him or her to be adopted?

The answers to these questions all go back to the polarization of our society. For liberals, abortion is the “flagship” of their “fleet” of various positions supporting their liberal stand that decisions and actions should be determined by personal choice rather than by judging them as good or evil based on what is best for others. If abortion was eliminated, or at least judged from the standpoint of good and evil, it would seriously weaken the liberal position supporting choice over good and evil. If you give me a few minutes of your time, I will explain the background behind our polarized society and why abortion has emerged as a key point in this struggle.

Many people first became aware of the fact that our society had become polarized when demographers pointed out the statistical connection between fertility levels and election results. States with the highest fertility levels tended to vote for conservative candidates and conservative issues while states with the lowest fertility levels tended to vote for liberal candidates and liberal issues. Note that the determining factor was fertility level, a measure of children being brought into our world.

Additional research was able to take these several steps further. It became obvious that the conservative people statistically had larger families, were more likely to be married, and were more likely to attend church regularly. From there it became increasingly easy to determine differences between the polarized conservative and liberal sides. The conservatives were more likely to judge actions and decisions based on how their actions and decisions impacted other people and society. The liberals were more likely to make decisions based on personal choice regardless of who got hurt.

From there it got increasingly personal and philosophical. The conservatives tended to believe in responsibilities while the liberals tended to believe in rights. The conservatives tended to put others first while the liberals tended to put themselves first. And, ultimately, the conservatives tended to believe in doing things the Christian way while the liberals were anti-Christian.

Now that we know the background, we can start answering some of the questions.

Why is abortion tied to marriage and church? Marriage and attending church regularly are statistically the opposite of abortion. Only approximately 20 percent of women seeking an abortion are married. Hence, if you want to reduce abortion then increase marriage. This is also why feminists do not qualify as Christians. When Jesus Christ said “love your neighbor,” he did not provide an exception for marriage or unborn babies.

Why do liberals insist on killing a baby instead of allowing him or her to be adopted? On the surface this makes little sense. There are a huge number of couples willing to adopt a baby. Moreover, past experience shows that even babies with serious medical problems find loving homes. But the liberals cannot accept adoption because it shows Christian love for the child. Adoption admits that good and evil exists while abortion celebrates choice.

Why do liberals insist that abortion be funded with tax dollars? Because this shows government support for choice over good and evil. It puts the government, taxes and the people on the left side supporting choice and moving away from Christianity. Liberals also tend to work against Christianity because Christianity supports judging your actions as good or evil.

Finally, why is abortion so important to liberals? Because it is a celebration of choice over good and evil in the area of children, the defining factor in America’s polarization.

Have you stopped to think about the liberal position following a shooting? The liberals will call for gun control rather than people having responsibility. Blaming the gun avoids the issue of applying good and evil to the shooter. The liberals do not want to admit that good and evil exist because someone might actually apply good and evil to their positions and decisions like abortion.

There are two major reasons why the liberal position is questionable. One is that it cannot be applied universally. The second is that it shows the deterioration of society similar to what ended the ancient Greek and Roman civilizations.

In the first situation, the liberal “choice” position is built on a house of cards because it cannot be applied universally. Have you ever tried to define what it means to be a liberal? You might end up making a list of typical liberal positions, but there is no common ground such as replacing good and evil with choice. If liberals really believed that good and evil no longer existed and were replaced by “choice,” then why not abolish laws, courts and prisons?

Actually, the closest you can come to defining liberals is that they set aside good and evil but for only the people who think like they do. So, according to liberals, some people can set aside good and evil while others should not. To some extent, liberalism is a government of the elite, by the elite and for the elite.

One of my favorite questions for liberals goes as follows: Is it acceptable to kill or enslave groups that you consider inferior? The obvious examples are the early Americans who enslaved black people, the Holocaust of World War II, the billions killed by the Soviets and Communist Chinese and today’s abortions of unborn babies. Instead of answering the question, most liberals will try to tell you which groups they consider inferior. They simply do not understand that if some people can set aside good and evil where they want, then others will also set aside good and evil where they want.

If good and evil do not exist for you, then why should it exist for others?

The second place where the liberal position is questionable is its similarity to what killed the civilizations of Greece and Rome. The United States is a republic, not a true democracy. However, the historians tell us that democracies have a bad habit of killing themselves because the people eventually fall into a habit of voting for what they want rather than what is best for their society or country. This shows itself in selfishness, particularly against children and marriage. Once people take more out of society than they put in, the society starts falling apart. There have been numerous comments about the fact that people no longer understand that you need to “pay dues” to society to maintain it.

Ancient Rome is an excellent example of this. Roman citizens kept demanding more and more while they started moving away from marriage, children and families. Anyone who has read the Bible is aware that Rome taxed its conquered nations to pay for its lavish baths, impressive buildings, aqueducts, and standing army. Caesar Augustus, the Roman leader, said that a strong state required strong families so he set about supporting marriage and larger families. He gave tax breaks and rewards to larger families and supported marriage in several ways. But, as any historian already knows, the Roman citizens failed to heed this warning and continued to put themselves first instead of doing what was best for others and society.

It might be appropriate to quote George Santayana, the famous philosopher, poet and novelist, who said: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

Liberals have to protect abortion because it is their flagship for pushing and supporting choice over good and evil. If people started to think about good and evil rather than think about choice, the entire liberal position would be in trouble. If you want to do something to reduce abortion then talk about good and evil, particularly in regard to marriage, family and church attendance.


Editors Note:   Larry Plachno is a successful businessman, publisher, author, and composer of an incalculable number of articles relating to family, life issues and associated problems and solutions. This barely scratches the surface of what Larry really is. His love of God, family and country is inspiring.

For years now Larry has shared his writings with us here at the ProLifeCorner and we are truly humbled by his generosity.

Larry is also an ardent blogger and is a prolific writer.  You can follow his work at:   www.unselfish.org

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