Who Wants to be Pro-Choice?

ProLifeCorner.com- From American Thinker- By Mario Diaz- The pro-abortion crowd is dwindling. The movement is in shambles.  Sure, there is still a lot of money involved in exploiting women in desperate situations in this way, so the industry remains, but its support among the people is slowly dying.  It is really being sustained by government.

It is not hard to see why not even the abortion industry itself wants to promote its coveted pro-choice label.  As was recently reported, Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider, wanted to abandon the word “choice” after reading poll after poll saying people increasingly do not want to be associated with it.

The pro-aborts have been exposed.  They said the child was “a blob of tissue,” and ultrasound technology has shown beyond any reasonable doubt that it isn’t.  They said this was an easy way out for women, and it isn’t.  They said they wanted it to be rare, but after more than 50 million babies aborted since Roe v. Wade, the carnage has been worse than war.  They said they wanted abortion to be safe, while vehemently opposing any and all efforts to protect women with waiting periods, ultrasound requirements, and clinic regulations, among other measures.

The tragedy at Dr. Kermit Gosnell’s clinic in Philadelphia, where babies were murdered, women exploited and exposed to the most horrific, unsanitary conditions (one woman dying) and where women were even racially profiled (white women being taken to a special room that was cleaner) should have never happened.

The cult-like protection of the pro-abortion crowd’s “choice” allowed Gosnell to happen.  And now that reports of similar clinics have begun to surface, they still remain defiant, protecting the exploiters.  They continue to stand against any effort to protect women by holding abortion clinics to an acceptable standard of care.

R. Seth Williams, the Philadelphia District Attorney (D.A.) in charge of the Gosnell investigation, said it best at the public hearings: “How is it that we have more oversight … of women’s hair salons and nail salons than we do over abortion clinics?”  That was the D.A., not a “right-wing” advocate.

The question still echoes today, and few dare to articulate the answer that the political pressure brought by those who profit from abortion is so great, no one dares touch the issue.

But the recent exodus in pro-abortion ranks comes from more than the fact that they are losing the substantive argument on life.  They knew they were going to lose that when people started to pay attention.  Something else has surfaced, and it is the type of people who drive this movement – from its beginnings with eugenicist Margaret Sanger, who wanted to “clean” the human race through abortion, to the “Hail Satan” chant in the recent battle in Texas.

Yes, “extreme” is an understatement when describing the type of pro-abortion “activist” we are seeing unravel before our eyes.  Not only did they chant “Hail Satan” to accost Christian pro-lifers in Texas, but they held the most vile signs.  “Keep your rosaries off my ovaries,” read one, and “Free abortion on demand,” on another.  One proud father had his freshman high schooler with a sign that read, “JESUS isn’t a Di**, so keep him OUT of MY VAGINA!”  Another small child used as a human sign post held one that read, “If I wanted the government in my womb, I would F*** a senator!”

That’s the way they want to convince their fellow citizens to support their position.  You don’t want to be associated with that.  No one does.  That’s why they had to pay people – yes, pay! – to even show up to stand with them in Texas.

One pro-abort got so excited he apparently issued death threats to Gov. Perry and other officials that are now under investigation.  And this sort of extreme behavior is on the rise.  Recently, the Catholic Church reported that four women representing a pro-abortion and pro-homosexuality group called FEMEN disrupted a debate at ULB University in Brussels, where Archbishop Andre-Joseph Leonard was speaking, disrobing themselves to show their chest and backs with signs such as “my body, my rules” and drenching the Archbishop with water bottles.

In Chile, Life Site News reports that pro-abortion demonstrators interrupted Mass, demolishing confessionals, ripping out pews, and painting profane graffiti throughout the church.  One read in Spanish, “Abortion is the best.  I sh** on God.”

These are the faces of the abortion crowd, and it is easy to see why they are finding themselves isolated from the rest of society.  Who wants to be associated with that?

There is a certain make up necessary to disregard life so cavalierly and zealously, as these activist do.  I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that their extremism manifests in other forms as well.

Mario Diaz is the Legal Counsel at Concerned Women for America.

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2 thoughts on “Who Wants to be Pro-Choice?

  1. We can credit much of the current movement against abortion to the recent publicity and increasing legislation against late term abortions. The August 19 issue of Time Magazine reports that Cecile Richards, the president of Planned Parenthood, was quoted as saying “We are seeing an unprecedented wave of attacks on women’s health, and people are fed up” after a judge in Wisconsin blocked a new law that would limit abortions, similar to laws recently passed in Texas and North Carolina. Sounds to me like people are getting fed up with the pro-abortion crowd . . . who like to confuse things by mentioning “women’s health” instead of abortion.

  2. It’s horribly gruesome but http://www.abortionno.org has a seconds long but eternally burned into your mind’s eye snippet of a video showing precisely and in no uncertain terms that yes, abortion IS the killing AND dismembering AND removing horribly mutilated pieces of a preborn baby!
    Yes the genital area IS pixelled and blurred, BUT it’s horrifically clear WHAT’S presented.

    I’m NOT ashamed to say that I hate in my heart the absolutely COWARDLY EXCUSE of a “man” that absolutely and wholly BULLIED ME INTO ABORTION.
    He has managed to carry on with his very selfish entitled existance these many years later..as though what happened between us was but a blip or ping on the radar screen of his life.
    Meanwhile space here can never permit me to pour out my incredibly stupid life decisions based many on so much anger, hurt, rage and disgust at how both me AND our once tiny unborn child were so viciously cast aside in pursuit of whatever and/or whomever he just had to have.

    Pure cold hearted, unadulterated, malignantly narcissistic selfishness.
    And I’m the one who’ll live with what I’ve said and/or done until my very last breath.


    EDITOR: You are proof that abortion wounds a woman. We know this is hard; visualize our Lord standing in front of you, and once and for all give it to Him. As you let go, it’s out of your hands and into His. And as you let it go, please forgive all who were complicit in this abortion. May our Lord grant you His peace and may He bless you with His joy and love.

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