Why Do They Hate Jesus So Much?

Why Do They Hate Jesus So Much?

ProLifeCorner.com – 10-3-2015 – by Rockford Pro-Life Initiative – We all know anti-Christian persecution is on the rise and is the only politically correct form of hate our society accepts.  From Christians being beheaded in the Middle East to college students in America being executed for admitting they are Christians, the progressive culture of death is doing all it can to destroy Christian faith.

On Saturday morning, Oct 3, 2015, St. Bernadette Church in Rockford, Illinois had two ten foot signs stolen from their property and the poles that held the signs vandalized and destroyed.

This, of course, is nothing new and rather minor compared to the Christians who are being killed every day for their faith.  But it is interesting to note the messages that were on the stolen and vandalized signs.

Both signs had a beautiful picture of Jesus.  The first sign read:

Come To Me All Who Are Weary And I will Give You Rest

The second sign read:

I Am The Bread Of LIFE

Both signs had gentle messages of love, goodness, and hope.  Those who hate Christianity are, in fact, hating the only real source of love, goodness, and hope our world has to offer.  From supporters of abortion and Planned Parenthood to those who attack the traditional family, the message of Jesus Christ and His merciful love for all people has become so disturbing to them they cannot even allow a simple message of Christ’s love to be displayed in public without vandalizing and destroying it.

We would like you to know three things.

  1. Two new banners have been ordered and will arrive soon and as often as they try to destroy the message of Jesus we will continue to display it in public.
  2. Please pray for the conversion of all who are disturbed by the message of Jesus that they will open their hearts to Christ, life, and love.
  3. No matter if they are killing Christians or trying to silence the message of Jesus in any way, we will respond with forgiveness, faith, and love so one day all people of good will can come to know and love Jesus Christ and love all our sisters and brothers.

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One thought on “Why Do They Hate Jesus So Much?

  1. Much of this stems from the fact that our society has become polarized. Christians and conservatives believe in the love of God and love of neighbor teachings of Jesus Christ. Those who put themselves first need to silence the Christians and conservatives because the teachings of Jesus Christ contradicts their own belief in “choice” in regard to abortion, marriage, and other things.
    ED: Amen!

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