Why Pro-life cartoons

We have been asked “why are we running these pro-life cartoons?”



















 We in the pro-life movement believe that the mayor, states attorney, city council, police department and the pro-life community all want to achieve the same goal; that is to have a safe community for all of us to grow in and coexist peacefully with respect for one another. 

In the past we have had much dialog with city representatives to little avail.  We are also using litigation in some cases to achieve this goal.    We would rather meet with city and police representatives in order to reach a better understanding of our goals, desires, and rights.

  It is our sincere hope that some of these cartoons may spark some interest into some of the problems facing the pro-life community, among which is equal protection under the law and a clear understanding by all as to our legal rights to freedom of assembly; the right to free speech; and to be given proper police protection under the law if in any way someone interferes with our rights; such interferences are now a common occurrence.

 As we grow and learn,  it is our hope that we can have meaningful dialog and solve some of the disagreements at the NIWC (Northern Illinois Women’s Clinic)


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