Will Rockford’s Next Mayor Be Pro-Life?

Mayor 300xWill Rockford’s Next Mayor Be Pro-Life?

ProLifeCorner – 1- 26 -2017 – by Rockford Pro-Life Initiative – Rockford’s current Mayor Larry Morrissey played an important part in ending abortion in Rockford. Mayor Morrissey is not running for reelection and a new mayor will be chosen on April 4th, 2017.

Here is the list of candidates running for Rockford Mayor so far: Local businessman, Ronnie Manns, is running on the Libertarian ticket. Third Ward Alderman, Tom McNamara, will run on the Democratic ticket. Sixth Ward Alderman, Pam Connell, is running on the Republican ticket. Community activist, Dr. Rudy Valdez, is running on the Independent ticket. Business owner, Brian Leggero is running on the Republican ticket.

The Rockford Pro-Life Initiative contacted all the mayoral candidate and asked their position on abortion and if they support Planned Parenthood. Below are the responses we received.

Alderman Pam Connell “I am Pro LIFE and oppose Planned Parenthood.”

Ronnie Manns 1. Are you pro-life? I personally believe that all life is precious but when it comes to abortion, it would never be a choice I would make except my Bible asks me to respect another person’s truth. It does not ask me to agree with it nor like it, just respect it and considering all the things I have asked God to do for me which he has granted. Granting this request to respect another’s truth is easy for me to do. I do not think it is a wise move to abort a life but in the end when all is said and done, that is one sin that only those who choose to abort will have to answer for, not me. So I shall pray for them but I will not try and tell them what to do with their own bodies just as I would bite the heads off someone trying to tell me what i can and cannot do with my own.

  1. Would you support or oppose Planned Parenthood if they tried to open an office in Rockford? I will support nor oppose Planned Parenthood trying to open an office in Rockford. If asked, I will repeat what I said above and let each individual person make that decision for themselves. I hope and pray that this answers your questions and I am sorry if they do not sit well with your position. I feel that it is more respectful of others to speak my truth instead of saying something just to get support or elected.

Rudy Valdez: 1) I have two beautiful grandchildren and another one on the way. My children and grandchildren are the most special treasures I have in my life. 2) Organizations must comply with the law and the ordinances. No special treatment, such as waivers or zone deviations will be given to PP. changes to the law must occur at the federal level so it is important to share your thoughts and passion with our congressional representatives. The local officials are limited to what can be done legally.

Brian Leggero: I am 100 percent pro life and always will be. I believe life begins at conception and support the defunding of planned parenthood. The last time I ran for office for County Board I received the endorsement of Illinois Citizens for Life. I was happy to see the court ruling for the Pregnancy Center of Rockford.

Alderman Tom McNamara, did not respond to repeated attempts to contact him and his campaign.

4 thoughts on “Will Rockford’s Next Mayor Be Pro-Life?

  1. We should all be tired of political dynasties…Daleys, Bushes, Clinton’s just to name a few…must we endure another McNamara? We need new blood like Pam Cannell. Mr. McNamara should continue his career in the insurance industry and remain on city council.

  2. Brian Leggero left a message on my answering machine and; said this could be a sanctuary city which he’s against. He’s also 100% PRO life. He’s got my vote.

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