Windows 10 or Not Windows 10, That is The Question

Windows 10 or Not Windows 10, That is The Question

ProLifeCorner- by Frank Munda-  To upgrade to Windows 10 might be giving away not only your rights to privacy, but you could be giving the who ,what, when, where, why, and how about you and everything that you do. Sound far-fetched? Does it sound Orwellian? It should!

Not even a month ago I was telling some of my friends that I was about to make the big plunge and update to Windows 10. A few reports have recently crossed my desk and now I am very concerned and apprehensive about upgrading. Over the years I have given Bill Gates large sums of money for his various operating systems.

Many years ago I started with the Commodore 64, then the Commodore 128, and later the Amiga 2500. The Amiga was a jewel and my favorite. Unfortunately, it could not hold its place in the market and Bill Gates took over. So therefore I reluctantly went with the Windows PC.  I think I’ve had every Windows operating system except Windows ME.  When I found out that Microsoft was giving away Windows 10 for free I very naïvely thought, well, Mr. Gates has a conscience and felt guilty for selling us sometimes very flawed operating systems. Well, beware of Geeks bearing gifts.

Based upon some of the information that I am receiving about Windows 10, Google search and other technologies out there  I am becoming more and more concerned about their abilities to intrude on our privacy.  Windows 10 appears to be only the beginning of Microsoft’s plans for us. Microsoft wants to incorporate their intrusive technology into as many of our electronic gadgets as possible. Google seems to be a big player in this invasive software game  as well .

I am not trying to sway your opinion one way or the other. Quite honestly, I hope this information is not true. But there are other sources out there that are saying many of the same things that are in this video report.

If your privacy is of concern to you, as it should be to all of us, I urge you to see the attached video. The information presented is truly disturbing.

All I am interested in is the truth. If anyone has information, either for or against the information presented in this video, please leave a comment.

As stated before, all I am interested in is the truth.

Those of us involved in the pro-life movement are very much aware of how our rights to freedom of speech and freedom of assembly have been attacked over the years. We cannot allow Bill Gates, Google, big brother or anyone else take away our rights or even worse give away our rights by clicking a button on a software update that says ‘I accept your terms’. We later find out that in those terms we allowed them to turn on our cameras, turn on our microphones and watch and listen to our private conversations.

Updated 2 PM 10 30 2015

This in from Forbes/Tech

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Microsoft Forces Windows 10 Onto Windows 7 And Windows 8

Katherine Albrecht: Windows 10 Is Full Blown Electronic Tyranny 

One thought on “Windows 10 or Not Windows 10, That is The Question

  1. Just came across this website and read this article. Just a couple of thoughts. First Bill Gates was not in charge of the Windows 10 project it was and is the CEO of Microsoft Satya Nadella. Windows 10 was only one part of a long line of broken promises from Microsoft. 2 major announcements that never happened were first Windows 8 was going to allow 2 anti-virus programs to be installed and run together without any problems. This never happened. Second Windows 10 was announced to be the last Windows version that Microsoft would release. The plan was that Windows 10 would be updated as long as a person owned their computer. That was exciting news but few believed it and it was recanted. Privacy is not an issue anymore, it is gone forever. Not just from Microsoft. Your phone tracks your every move and more and more viruses are being discovered on them. Apple is no saint. Now we enter the ad-blocker wars with various websites. If you have one website developers are working on ways to get around them. I think a bigger issue over Windows 10 and Mr. Gates is the fact that he is a huge pro-abortion advocate. Facebook developer and multi billionaire Mark Elliot Zuckerberg donated One Billion Dollars in stock to Planned Parenthood in 2013. Every time someone visits their Facebook page they are putting $$ in the pro-choice coffers. On one hand we are advocating for the unborn and on the other hand we are financing those who advocate against the unborn.

    Editor: Thank you so much for your input. I am aware that Bill Gates is a pro-abort radical. $1 billion in stock donations and the politicians still give taxpayer money to Planned Parenthood, what a travesty. Thanks for the heads up I will be looking into the Mark Elliot Zuckerberg Planned Parenthood connection.
    You are so right when you said “Privacy is not an issue anymore, it is gone forever. Not just from Microsoft. Your phone tracks your every move and more and more viruses are being discovered on them.”
    Let’s pray that 2018 will be a better year for the pre-born, the elderly here in America.
    Wishing you a prosperous and happy new year.

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