Would Donald Sterling Be Welcomed To Rockford Coronado Theater?

 ProLifeCorner.com- Rockford Illinois- 5-21-2014 – By Staff-  The Rockford Metro Center Authority and BMO Harris Bank will be welcoming one of Americas most vicious bigots to the Coronado Theater on Saturday June 7th.

No, It’s is not Los Angeles clippers owner Donald Sterling who will be welcomed to the Coronado theater but a man who has been in the discrimination, public hatred, and bigotry business a lot longer than Donald Sterling has – Bill Maher.

Bill Maher a couple days ago said, ““This week Pope Francis said he would baptize aliens if they came to Earth. I love you, Frank, but that is some Mitt Romney-level crazy pope. I’m pretty sure any beings advanced enough to travel hundreds of light years aren’t that interested in getting sprinkled with magic water. Besides, given the past history of fondling and groping, the last thing the Church needs is a 50-foot-priest with six arms.

If this kind of prejudiced and malevolence was directed against any other group than Christians and Catholic Priests we would see the same sort of outrage that was directed against Donald Sterling for his vile racist comments.

The RAVE Board that runs the Coronado Theater and the city government of Rockford have said they are firmly behind the decision to have Bill Maher entertain the people of Rockford with his particular brand of hatred and attacks on Christians

The big difference between Donald Sterling and Bill Maher is Donald Sterling has apologized for his racism, and cities like Rockford continue to welcome and pay a lot of money for the vicious bigotry of Bill Maher to be directed at their citizens.

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3 thoughts on “Would Donald Sterling Be Welcomed To Rockford Coronado Theater?

  1. Bill Maher is the poster child for bigotry in this country. Why am I not surprised he is coming to Rockford. The Coronado should have NEVER signed a contract with him.

  2. Bill and Don two peas in a pod but the liberals hate one and love the other.
    It’s always been the liberal line that bigotry against Christians is the “approved” bigotry.

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