Yes, We Do Have HOPE!

Rockford, Il  ( – 9-1-2013 – by James – We see in our world today children killed by abortion, nations torn asunder by war, families divided by a rotting culture, and our beloved country being run by a man who seems hell bent on destroying America. Please take a few minutes and watch this video to see what just one person can do to bring us hope if they have Jesus Christ in their heart.

It is our belief at Pro-Life Corner that our good readers are doing many things in many different ways to bring Jesus Christ to our world just as the person in this video is doing.  Yes, we do have unfailing hope – in Jesus Christ our Savior.


One thought on “Yes, We Do Have HOPE!

  1. A must watch video!!! This is an incredible testimony to the fight for the unborn. This man, letting Christ work through him, is a model to the rest of us.

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